The Heroine’s Journey of Luna Joachim in Massachusetts

What is the best thing that I love about my work?

The best thing is being creative. I love making new clothes that are different that people really seem to appreciate. I enjoy spending time dressing people in things that complement their bodies and makes them feel great, beautiful and confident.

What is my idea of perfect happiness?

Is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.

What is my greatest fear?

My greatest fear is flying. I feel really uncomfortable in airplanes although I do it when I have to.

What is the trait that I most deplore in myself?

As I have gotten older and matured I have come to a deeper understanding of myself and that understanding through spiritual growth has helped me to accept all of my flaws. There is nothing about myself that I deplore because of the fact that I have grown to love myself, flaws and all.

What is my greatest extravagance?

My greatest extravagance is that I get to wake up every day immersed in doing what I love to do. I get to be unique and create clothing that people seem to appreciate.

On what occasion would I lie?

I really try not to lie; I really do believe that honesty is the best policy. But, on one occasion that I could think of a lie maybe if I would hurt someone’s feelings over something that was insignificant.

What is the influence of role models, in my work and in my life?

I must say that I do not have specific role models in terms of my work. I find inspiration in all things, and in different types of people. But in life, one of my role models would be my mother. She has shown me how to be a woman of strength and spirituality.

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work?

This industry is unpredictable. At points this is exciting because I get to be creative, it is also difficult because I can never be sure that I will find success or have my creations appreciated.

When and where was I the happiest, in my work?

I have had many enjoyable moments in my career as a designer and boutique owner. But, I would say that one of my most memorable moments would be when I had the opportunity to show my line in France during fashion week. Another great moment I would highlight is the day I was able to open my boutique.

If I could, what would I change about myself?

My difficulty in saying no. This has impacted my business because I have done things for customers which may not have always been productive for my business. But, I have gotten better with this and I am sure that as time goes by, I will continue to change. I will continually help people, but not let them take advantage.

What is my greatest achievement in work?

One of my greatest achievements is having my designs in production.

What is my most inspirational location, in my city?

This may sound strange, but the most inspirational location in my city would be my home. I am most comfortable and find creativity when I am in my den or sitting in the backyard. This is probably the case because it is there that I am most relaxed.

What is my favorite place to eat and drink, in my city?

I don’t mean to be generic, but I love the Cheesecake Factory. I think I love it not only because of the food but because it is family friendly. I have formed great memories with my family, especially my children at that restaurant.

Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, and partner in crime?

I would say that my greatest fan would be members of my family. They have continually given me support as I transitioned from a career in nursing to fashion design. I would say that my greatest partners in crime would be my daughter Rebecca and my niece Jessica. They have both been instrumental in the practical functions of my business, mainly organizing for fashion shows. They have all been great.

Whom would I like to work with in the future?

In the future I would like to work with other designers that have an interest in my type of designs. I love the 1950’s style and I would love to work with other designers who enjoy the classic styles but their own creative modern flares to the designs.

What project, in the nearby future, am I looking forward to work on?

I will be showing my line in England next year. I am looking forward to designing new pieces for my upcoming line and traveling to England to show this line and hopefully make new contacts in the process.

How can you contact me?

You can contact me through my website:, my email:, Facebook or by visiting me at my boutique at 192 Salem Street Malden, MA 02148 or calling the boutique at: (781) 322-3223.


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