The Heroine’s Journey of Edith in Paris

The best things  about my work: Sharing my passion for Paris with the Paris lovers from all over the world and also always learning ,about  Paris , History of France or art History .

My idea of perfect happiness:  Being in a café in Paris and reading a good book .
Happiness is accessible to anyone!
My greatest fear: To develop an allergy to the croissants
What is the treat I most deplore in myself:  I have no sense of orientation which is not a great quality for a tour guide. Sometimes I pretend I’m a tourist and I ask my directions to other tourists. Shame on me !
My greatest extravaganza:  When I’m tired  of this modern world I pretend  I’m Kiki de Montparnasse ( check on Wikipedia if you  don’t  know  who  she is ) and I go for a hot chocolate at the mythical Café “la Rotonde”( in Montparnasse  ) I put music of  the roaring twenties in my ears   and I wait for my lover ,Man Ray . It’s “midnight in Paris “but for real !
For what would I lie: I would  lie  if  someone was asking me my weight.
A Parisian woman never tells her real weight.
My role models:  I have many role  models but one of my favorite is Christine de Pisan the first feminist in the world :she was a widow  at 25 years old ,2 kids and no momey .And she did succeed in life without men  …not so bad for a  XIV th century woman .
What I I dislike in my work:  Being a tour guide in the cold or in the rain …
I’m not a spring chicken ….
The greatest achievement in my work:  After being an attorney at law for 25 years I decided I wanted to be a tour guide in Paris. So I came back at school at 50 years old , and I’m studing to get the licence to be a qualified guide ( and being allowed to guide in Versailles and museums …no more cold for the not spring chicken !)
My most inspirational location in my city:  Le palais royal because many  things happened there: sex,crime and revolution.
My favorite place to eat and drink in my city:  To eat :Le Panisse just in front of Notre -Dame it’s a mixture of friendly tourists and Parisians ,waiters  are friendly too and food is good and not too expensive . To drink :if I have money “Le Café de Flore ,” in St Germain des prés  the house of Sartre and Beauvoir and the  Surrealists .ok the price of a coffee is a bit surrealistic too but it’s a mythical place for any writer who needs inspiration
My favorite fan: Gustav ,my Swedish friend ,he believes  in me more than myself .
Whom I would  like to work in the future:  An  anglophone radio or TV anywhere in the world to talk about the fabulous life of a native Parisian in Paris (me…)
What project in the nearby future I’m looking forward : I’m writing a book about my great Parisian role  models :
George Sand for her sense of freedom
Coco Chanel for her sense of style
Diane de Poitiers for her sense of glamour :she  was the favorite of the seductive Henri the second and she was 20 years older than him
How you can contact me ?

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