The Heroine’s Journey of Jeanne Marie Diallo

What is the best thing l like about my job? The success of the creation , acidity and continue .

What is my idea of perfect happiness? This is to succeed to serve the work , my family , to have peace in the work.

What is my greatest fear? Never in my business fear failure.

What is the trait I most déplore in me? It is the tenacity.

What is my greatest extravagance ? Go around the world and enrichment and knowledge sharing culture.

When would l lié? I’d be lying to bring peace

What is the influence of role models in my work and my life?  Victor in the fires of love . He started from nothing and build an empire . Victoria Sandoval triomphe in love , creator of fashion Stylist modeliste and family mother , she started with à sewing machine and a large fashion house after. My father colonel Cheick Diallo is still batu for his country in the uprightness and honesty and always present for his family and their listening with all his love and affection.

What are the thing l like most about my work? Not having a boss

When and where l have been the happiest in my work? The completion of my first dress , my first shooting gold and my first parade in Lyon

If l could , would l change about myself? Give my trust too fast

What is my greatest accomplishment in my work? The creation of models

What is my most inspiring place in my City? I have no preference

What is my favorite place to eat and drink in my City? I have no preference , as long as it is clean and quiet , its fine with me

Who is my biggest fan , sponsor ,partner in crime ? My family

Who would l like to work in the future ? My children , my family , young , passionate ,motivated and talented.

Which project in the near future , l look forward to working on ? I have several project but it remains secret .

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