The Heroine’s Journey of Paz de Alarcon

What is the best thing that I love about my work? I work as an actress and singer. I love the cabaret and have my own company that allows me to express to the public my way of seeing the world and reflect with the public of different issues. It’s great to continue growing as a person with every character I play .

What is my idea of perfect happiness? Being healthy and able to continue enjoying much time on stage . I look like a granny storytellers, happy and surrounded by children

What is my greatest fear? Losing health or motivation

What is the trait that I most deplore in myself? I am unable to concentrate only on one thing at time, I always make several at once both in everyday life and at work .

What is my greatest extravagance? I love drink champagne with oysters at any time and anywhere I never make my theatrical representation ” Desnudando Marilyn ” without a few drops of Chanel No. 5

On what occasion would I lie? The good lies always has a basis in reality . Pure lie does not exist. I like to fantasize and invent stories so I think I’m lying on many occasions

What is the influence of role models, in my work and in my life? I work in my attempt to demystify all models of erroneous behavior on women . Every woman is born free and beautiful and so must follow all his life, are the role models and education that puts on the shirt us and makes us feel fat , ugly or old . I try to reflect on that and say loud . “Not to put wonderful, you must to be great “

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? Chat with the audience and learn from their point of view about life. Share , see new places and new customs , travel to work is a luxury

When and where was I the happiest, in my work? I’m happy as soon as the curtain rises , the feeling of jumping into the void is unique and wonderful . I feel butterflies in my stomach like a teenager lover

If I could, what would I change about myself? My lack of willpower to take care of my food and go to the gym.

What is my greatest achievement in work? I could say some prizes I’ve got a “Best Actress” but really the greatest achievement is being able to eat and pay bills through my work .

What is my most inspirational location, in my city? Casala Theatre. It is a settled Theatre on the Market of Triana , next to the Guadalquivir river. Crazy and wonderful project , only 28 seats. Managed by two crazy artists , Fernando and Sara always willing to do the impossible reality.

What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? Betis street , facing the Guadalquivir river , for me there is the better view of Seville. The Torre del Oro , Giralda , and the view of the Triana bridge . A “Papelón de pescado” (fish cartridge) and a glass of chilled Manzanilla .

Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? My 4 year old daughter who is my inspiration , I hope to leave a good message with my example to be a free thinker and happy woman . She tested me, he is my number 1 fan all my shows are known

Whom would I like to work with in the future? There are several stage directors with whom I like to work as Alfonso Zurro , Mario Gas, Emilio Goyanes … and I also like to make movies

What project, in the nearby future, am I looking forward to work on? I had the experience to carry 2 shows in my company ” Rojo Carmín ” to Cuba “Las mujeres que hay en mi” and ” Desnudando a Marilyn ” and I’m anxious to recross the Atlantic Ocean with them , I really want to know and work in Spanish America.

How can you contact me? facebook:

Twitter: @Paz_DeAlarcon



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