The Heroine’s Journey of Sam Punzina


I love what I do with its emotional and sensory transport. It’s my own world where others souls can feel its vibrations and all this does make me happy

My perfect happiness is: my daughter’s smile, journeys and the undying love.

Fear is loose my loved ones and live without them with their absence.

I hate my hypersensitivity at times triggered by what people think and say, but I want to correct this flaw.

I’m very bored by the routine. I look for kooky schemes for keeping life exciting just I like it with curiosity and my friends. They are the most extravagant thing that I have got in my life.

I became a liar with someone. I mean, the small fictions that we call “ white lies” are my personal shield.

The nature with its creatures, books and music. All that can affect my artistic work.

I don’t like waiting time between an application of enamels on another because I would like to see the painting finished immediately.

I stay to see my picture when it is finished. I try to plunge into it for understanding what it could say to me and the public. If this happened I show it, otherwise It remains in my lab for a while and I could destroy it.

I would like to be less empathetic and emotional because I might have some expectations from people that could hurt myself. All this steal my energy for taking care my family and myself.

My satisfaction is people that love my job. What makes me happy it’s that I image all my works throughout the world, very far or in a foreign house where a little piece of me could be.

When I need to think about I climb on a mountain at 1000 yards where you can see half Sicily. You can imagine to touch the stars in the sky.

My favorite place it’s a pub called “Shamrock” where I can find a friendly, warm place with fine ale!

Thanks to Facebook I knew to have got many fans, friends, collectors’ item or simply people that love art. The art galleries get shown my works are “ Galleria Federica Ghizzoni” of Milan and “ Dell’Osso Art Galley” of Matera.

I would like and wish to do an art show in an important gallery in the USA. This would be a dream come true!

I hope to work for next one-woman show. Where? When? I don’t know!

You can contact me at Stay tuned!


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