The Heroine’s Journey in Paris. Making Money Doing What You Love

Attention all creative heroines — even if your chosen profession is not the most traditional one, cultivating and growing a successful, financially rewarding career is still your goal. In The Heroine’s Journey Making Money Doing What You Love in Paris in the footsteps of Coco Chanel we provide you with expert advice on overcoming some of the specific challenges faced by right-brainers who want a career that is both satisfying and successful.

Freelancers, those thinking about changing careers midstream, and creative people working in corporate environments need a set of skills that will turn their passion into a viable career. These skills include:

* How to chose the career that best suits your talents
* Setting realistic goals using right-brain techniques
* How to avoid the pitfalls that ruin a creative career
* How to schmooze your way to success
* How to create a business plan when you are the business
* How to be disciplined when you are your own boss

When you find an outlet for your creativity in the form of a career, you’ll discover a freedom in your working life that you can live with for the long term. You can follow your passion, build a brilliant career, and have financial security — if you know which skills to use. Let us show you the way.

Your guide

Peter de Kuster is the founder of The Hero’s Journey and Heroine’s Journey. In his time, Peter has written about 40 books, lived in ten cities in Europa. He has created his own creative dreamjob.



9.00             Welcome & drinks at Hotel Ritz
9.30             Journey commences
12.45            Break (times vary)
17.00           Journey finishes

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Book Now

 You can mail to to register.
In this One Day The Heroine’s Journey a small group of travellers  – between the 1 and 4 people  – will discover together with Peter de Kuster or one of his Heroine’s Journey travel guides in Paris to explore their own story about themselves and their business. The group goes on a whirlwind tour with meetings with heroines from past and present in this city who link with their stories the concepts of The Heroine’s Journey to the application of ideas for your own life and business story.  Participants experience directly and first hand in meetings with rolemodels the passion, happiness and obstacles of being a creative heroine who makes money doing what she loves. You will be guided to extract the underlying principles which you can use in your own life and business. The costs of this travel program are Euro 695 excluding VAT and excluding your travel, hotel, drink and beverage expenses.


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