The Heroine’s Journey of Laura Guldemond

My passion is singing and performing! It’s amazing and motivating to see an enthusiastic audience with my symphonic metal band Shadowrise. Most things I participate in are fun, like writing and recording the lyrics and vocals for the music, making a clip, finding/designing or having designed a good stage outfit, working together with awesome people. I enjoy performing live the most though and being able to take the audience into what is created with the music and see their reactions.

My dark side is probably the tendency to get depressed sometimes in the writing process and not being able to look beyond that moment and get stuck with writing because of that.

If I would change something about myself it would be that. It’s almost like a form of performance anxiety with which I’m struggling sometimes. I only have that with things I give a fuck about, so maybe I should give less fucks. But that’s just not me.

My biggest achievement as an artist is probably being able to release the Escape From Shadow Island EP and get so many positive reactions. Also from our live performance. That means a lot to me and the band. I feel it’s something we worked very hard for the last years and now it shows. Also performing in the ensemble/choir and as an understudy with Ayreon’s The Theater Equation feels like something grand since I feel like the author/componist Arjen is a legend and there were people from 42 nations in the audience in Luxor Rotterdam to go see that special event.

I can’t imagine ever quitting with performing. It’s what makes me feel whole as a person. Something I would ad to singing if I had a second life / reincarnation would be acting. It’s what I feel I’m doing now with music, but based even more on making stories and settings come to live.

The best place for me in my city to get inspired is Cultuurpodium De Boerderij. It’s a really nice place for artist to perform and going to concerts always inspires me. The best place in Zoetermeer to go eat something is probably Bo & Ro. It’s a place where they have very creative, balanced and rich tasting dishes. Also you can choose to have various smaller dishes instead of the standard courses. It’s really great.

My biggest partner/sponsor is my husband. He supported me investing in my talent and without him I wouldn’t be able to invest as much in it as I did now.

There are lot’s of artists I think would be fun to work with, but if I have to name someone let’s talk about producers. It’s difficult. Joost van den Broek would be a good one considering the amount of orchestration he worked with and because he lives in the Netherlands. I love the vocal mixing of Sascha Paeth (Kamelot). Then PAIN’s producer Peter Tätgren would be the most suitable I think to also bring out the aggressiveness of our death metal influences. And then again Tommy Bonajo did a great job on our EP! Difficult decision.

I’m looking forward to finishing the new Shadowrise album and recording the Rosewood EP. Rosewood is something totally different; my grunge band. More about that is coming online soon.

I would love to have a talk with Alice Cooper or Lady Gaga. I love the theatrical aspects they have in their shows.

You can contact me for vocal coaching, live and studio vocals via or when the website is finished via


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