The Heroine’s Journey of Maureen Centen

What is my greatest passion? Creating. Foremost creating my own collection of jewellery, but also generating opportunities and new adventures. Both within my company and personal life.

How would I describe ultimate happiness? ‘Ultimate happiness’ is quite a heavy term to me. I myself am satisfied when I feel ‘just right’. I enjoy the little unexpected moments of happiness the most.

What is my biggest fear? Something bad happening to someone who I love or myself. In particular with their health and their independence. Fear is a part of life and I try not to think about it too much.

What about my work do I love the most? The fact that my own personal style in designing jewellery speaks to so many people is great! But the best thing to me is working on commission. Creating a custom made piece of jewellery based on an idea or a personal story of a customer and then the moment they see the piece, especially when they get emotional, is very special to me. There can be a lot of emotional value in a piece of jewellery.

What is my biggest pitfall? I often raise the bar too high. This can make me feel insecure, but it also keeps me focussed.

When would I lie? I lie when I think that the truth doesn’t have any added value or when a conversation arises which I do not have the time or energy for.

Which role model has had the biggest influence on me? My parents. They have truly lived the past few years to their own account without having to ‘conform’ to societal rules. They are full of life and regularly travel abroad to special trails. They see what the day will bring and don’t plan anything in particular nor where they will stay that night. My mother even goes on these adventures on her own! I think that is very admirable.

What is the least favourite part of my job? The risk of something going awry with a customer’s jewel. For instance not finishing wedding rings on time. That is why I always make sure to take plenty of time for a commission.

Where and when was I most satisfied with my work? Last year during Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands. That was the first time and place where I physically presented my work to a large audience. The responses were very positive. It made me feel validated in my work and gave the motivation to continue doing things my way.

What does the saying ‘Passion never retires’ mean to me? In this moment my job is my passion. I am always looking for adventure and possible growth in the things that I do. And it is my believe, that if I keep on doing this my passion will never retire.

What would I want to change about myself? I wish I could focus a bit better on an ongoing conversation. I am easily distracted which unintentionally might come across as being indifferent.

What is my greatest professional achievement? Often you have to leave a bit of certainty behind in order to advance. My proudest moment was when I had the guts to turn in my resignation at my employer, thus abandoning a steady income. I had to do this as to put more of my time and effort into my company and grow. It has been six months since I left my job and it is the best choice I’ve made so far.

What project, that is in the near future, are you looking forward to? The next exciting step that I’ll be taking is moving my studio to a shop on Torenallee, Strijp-S in Eindhoven this coming March. I’ll open a shop that has a studio and small store in it so people can drop by for a unique piece of jewellery or just to see how and where our pieces are made.

Which profession would I have in another life? A bicycle mechanic, I would love that!

Which spot in the city do I get my best ideas? Outside, on the street or in nature. I bike a lot and I always look around. Eindhoven has so many beautiful sites that seemingly change with the days and the seasons.

What is my favourite place in the city to go for dinner and drinks? The Blue Collar Hotel. Besides it being a hotel where you can spend the night, have dinner and drinks, you can also regularly watch bands play music and attend other events.

Who is my biggest fan? My parents are my biggest fans. Together with my younger brother and my boyfriend they help me whenever and wherever they can.

Who would I like to work with in the future? I’m always open for collaborations with other creative creators that have a similar style to me. Because music is a huge source of inspiration to me I’d like to work with musicians.

Which role model would I like to meet? There isn’t one specific person that I would like to meet. I’m more into spontaneous encounters with people who can captivate me with their story or personality.

How to contact me? You can always contact me via email; And as from March 2016 you can also visit me in my new shop which is located in Eindhoven.


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