The Heroine’s Journey of Alessandra Prandi

WHAT IS THE BEST THING THAT I LOVE ABOUT MY WORK The creativity, the fact that when I prepare my performances or materials I have to see things through someone else’s eyes. And being these eyes children’s eyes, you can see the great value that even the simplest things have.

WHAT IS MY IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS Happiness is being appreciated for what you do by the people you love.

WHAT IS MY GREATEST FEAR My greatest fear is not to be able to fascinate kids enough in order to make them love listening and trying to understand foreign languages.

WHAT IS THE TRAIT I MOST DEPLORE ABOUT MYSELF I tend to overthink, no matter how hard I try to avoid it!

WHAT’S MY GREATEST EXTRAVAGANCE Mmmmm… I’ve been too much of an ordinary and shy person for a great part of my life, the kind of person that usually goes unnoticed… I think I have started changing my attitude after having my daughters…. I wouldn’t say I am an extravagant person today, but I certainly have stopped caring about what people may think or say: I just do what I think is best.

ON WHAT OCCASION WOULD I LIE Lying is something that does not belong to me, but I avoid telling too much about situations that are not completely clear to me.

WHAT IS THE INFLUENCE OF ROLE MODELS, IN MY WORK, IN MY LIFE I am inspired by different artists, regardless to their art. I don’t want to be like somebody else but I find interesting to read about or listen to successful people in order to catch the sparkle that leads them. We can learn a lot from the reasons behind other people’s choices.

WHAT IS THE THING I DISLIKE THE MOST IN MY WORK Nothing in particular. I feel quite lucky on this side.

WHEN AND WHERE WAS I THE HAPPIEST IN MY WORK Whenever kids are having a good time and getting the best out of my storytelling or lessons. It happens very often at the library or during classes.

IF I COULD WHAT WOULD I CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF I am a stubborn person, but probably I wouldn’t change this anyway.

WHAT IS MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN WORK The greatest achievement for me is being able to do what I love for a living.

WHAT IS THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL PLACE IN MY CITY Definitely the lake (Garda Lake). It opens my mind.

WHAT IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT AND DRINK IN THIS CITY The best place to eat and drink is on the beach: you can sit there and listen to the sound of the wind and waves while eating. 100 per cent freedom. Just love it!


WHOM WOULD I LIKE TO WORK WITH IN THE FUTURE There’s no particular person… anyone who’ll show me they’re a step ahead of anybody else.

WHAT PROJECT IN THE NEAR FUTURE AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO WORK ON I have plenty of ideas… but I am not willing to give them away!

HOW CAN YOU CONTACT ME My business page on Facebook is:


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