The Heroine’s Journey of Robin Cote

What is the best thing that I love about my work? 
The thing I love most about what I do is helping people realize that even though they’ve been a victim of a certain circumstance or series of events, they don’t have to remain a victim. They can pick themselves up and get back into the game of life. Not just survive but thrive!
What is my idea of perfect happiness? 
I’m not sure that perfect happiness can exist but you can come close. For me, I find that getting behind the wheel of my Mustang and taking a long drive while listening to music not only provides me with a peace and serenity, but it’s close to perfect to me. I love getting out and exploring our beautiful state. I feel very content.
What is my greatest fear? 
Honestly, I don’t fear anything anymore. I know that sounds crazy but when you face as much death as I have, you learn to live your life in a much different way.
What is the trait that I most deplore in myself? 
Trusting too much at first and thinking others have my best interest at heart. I give several chances and keep learning that I need to be more selective in who I place my trust in. I’m learning to say no a lot more now.
Which living persons in my profession do i most admire?
I admire people who have found a way through life’s struggles and managed to succeed while sharing their stories with others to show that they aren’t alone. This world is a tough one at times and it’s great to see those around us that can flourish after enduring tough times. If I had to select a well-known person I admire, it would be Lizzie Velasquez. I truly admire how she rose above all the harsh things she went through and is now a very successful speaker, inspiring so many others.

What is my greatest extravagance? 
That’s a tough question since I’m a pretty simple person and really don’t need much. I guess if we are talking about something I already own it would be two things: My 2008 Mustang GT and my Canon 7d camera with 500mm zoom lens. My car takes me places and I love to explore. It gives me real freedom when I drive. The camera is all about being to capture wildlife from a distance, not disturbing them in their natural habitat. There’s just something about appreciating all of God’s creatures.
On what occasion would I lie? 
I’m known for being brutally honest so I can’t even think of a situation where I would lie.

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? 
When you have to be brutally honest with someone and they choose to ignore what you tell them and go back into a bad situation.

When and where was I the happiest, in my work? 
Back in the 90’s was probably the happiest of times for me regarding work. I was a radio personality working at popular stations, worked for a music publication, was an NHL team writer, worked for two television shows and managed bands, all while raising my son. It was the greatest of times.

If I could, what would I change about myself? 
Like many others, I would take better care of myself. I’m always taking care of everyone else that I forget about myself. I’m working on changing that.

What is my greatest achievement in work? 
Seeing the positive end result of someone getting out of a bad situation and beginning to flourish. Sometimes you wonder if what you are doing is making a difference and then someone tells you that you did and they couldn’t have done it without you. Makes me keep going.

Where would I most like to live?
I’m truly happy right here in Arizona. I love visiting other places but I’ve always felt right at home here.

What is my most treasured possession?
My voice. That may seem weird to say but I don’t think of possessions as being important. My voice is important to me because I’m not afraid to speak out against things. We all have a story to tell. We can all learn from each other and teach one another. I’m truly thankful that I have a voice.

What is my most marked characteristic?
My ability to inject hard truth.

What is my most inspirational location, in my city? 
Close to home it would be the Riparian Preserve at Gilbert Water Ranch. Lots of wildlife, ponds and trails right in my backyard! Peaceful and very inspiring.
What’s my favorite place to eat and drink in my city?
There’s this little coffee shop called Coffee Rush not far from my home. I love going there and sitting in the courtyard. It’s very peaceful with vine covered gazebos, a fountain and birds chirping. A little slice of heaven in the city.
What books influenced my life and how?
Honestly, I was more influenced by things going on around me than what I read in books. I used books as an escape, sort of like a vacation from the real world.
Who are my favorite writers?
I don’t read much anymore but back in the day, my favorite authors were King, Grisham, Cook, Koontz, Rand and Rice.

You Only Die Once. What music would I listen on my last day?
I’m a rocker at heart, so any classic rock or heavy metal works for me. Latest love is Halestorm.

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction?
I’ve always liked Sherlock Holmes and of course the kids from Harry Potter.

Who are my heroes and heroines in real life?
Service men and women, first responders, nurses and their assistants. People who serve humanity. People who have struggled, survived and flourished. People brave enough to share their stories to inspire and help others.

Which movie would i recommend to see once in a lifetime?
My favorite movie of all time is called “Always.” I’m not much of a chick flick kinda girl but it’s my kind of love story. It was my late husbands favorite as well.
What role does art play in my life and work?
I am artistic in nature. I’ve spent my whole life in the entertainment industry so I’m quite addicted to it. Art comes in so many forms. For me, it’s about capturing nature in photography, putting words down on paper, being on a film set or allowing music to fill my soul.

Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? 
I am a lone wolf for the most part but there are a few close friends that would qualify as partners in crime on occasion. As far as fans, my closest friends tell me they are my biggest fans so I’ll take it!

Whom would I like to work with in 2017? 
As far as celebrities go, I would love to work with Kyra Sedgwick and Ellen Degeneres. They are both involved in causes that are very close to my heart.

Which people in my profession would i love to meet in 2017?
I’ve met so many people from the careers that I’ve been involved with. If I had to name one it would be Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. Her song, “I am the Fire” has inspired me to take back my life and continue to focus on what I need to do. That song is my anthem!
What project, in 2017, am I looking forward to work on? 
During the summer, I am planning on heading to a Veterans Camp in order to speak with women veterans who suffer from PTSD. I look forward to being able to learn about their experiences and to help them in any way I can.

Where can you see me or my work in 2017?
What do the words “Passion Never Retires” mean to me?
You continue to do what you feel in your heart and what feeds your soul. There is no expiration date for that!

Which creative heroines should Peter invite to tell their story?
Kimber Leigh and Brenda Combs are two that come to mind. Very inspiring women.

How can you contact me?
You can contact me via email: or Facebook:

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