the Heroine’s Journey of Cindy Lou Roxanne Monsanto

What is my greatest passion? I am driven to create. It is my salvation as a human woman too. If only I could loose myself in the reality I invent. Behind the creation of a different reality lies an ardent desire for magic and wonder missing in ordinary day to day life. I hide behind paint, charcoal, images, words, spells… Nothing matters as long as I can dream away. Paint & I understand each other.

My sense of happiness? If only I could just draw & paint and only draw and paint. Not to have to work for money. Don’t get me wrong. Coaching and teaching fellow human beings; I enjoy and appreciate the development and changes in the connections between fellow humans. Still….if all I could do would be to create – that would be ultimate happiness to me.

My biggest fear? As an independent artist endowed with limited financial resources and no safety net, I am counting beans constantly. Social activities cost money I do not have. I don’t mind the solitude that comes with being an artist. I am scared of isolation that comes with being destitute. Sometimes, when I am down and discombobulated, I fear I am not good enough. Now that is one pesky demon.

What do I love most about my art? I love the time I spend in my studio best. The smell of the weathered wood mixed with sage. How the sun hits light on the interior. I love the freedom also. Creating days with freshness and wonder.

My least appealing traits? When I am pulled by my hearts’ desire and have an idea my behavior could be considered self centered. I become anti social. Just like when someone disturbs me when I am in the middle of things.

My biggest pitfall? Those close to me sometimes have to save me from myself. I am too honest. Perhaps making things difficult for myself therefore. Generosity sometimes breaks me up too. I do not charge enough for my art and give away too much.

When do I lie? Sometimes about what is going on with me. I act tough when I feel shattered. No one notices. I would deny when asked.

Whom do I admire? Respect is more my thing than. I respect and value most of my colleagues.

What do I dislike most in my line of work? Paperwork. Bookkeeping is a horror story. Whereas paint is familiar, numbers are mysteries beyond my comprehension. Luckily, I have a great bookkeeper.

When & where was I happiest professionally? One highlight was my first successful exhibit in 2000. The venue was the “The Vide” in South Holland. Secondly, when I read the first reviews of my children’s book in 2016.

What does: “Passion does not retire” mean to you? It means I will continue to create until the day I die. Not to paint would equal not to live to me.

What I would change about myself? Nada – nothing.

What do I consider my biggest professional accomplishment? For the past six months I have been able to support myself and my 2 children, without any government subsidies. It is my joy to be financially independent. Update: presently I am once again having a hard time keep my head above water. Just to be honest.

Where would I love to live and work? Currently it is my dream to live in Ireland for six months and write my next children’s book. How I am going to pull that one off I don’t know yet. Where there is a desire there is a way…. And like most of us born under the sign of cancer I tend to want to return home. Groningen, my hometown, is where I want to stay. Ha, and be a snowbird in Ibiza. I would sign up for that.

What are your most prized possessions? My most prized possessions? I don’t have it with possessions. We do not possess anything. If one goes there…. One is possessed by One’s possessions?…..) I don’t get attached to things.

What is a set-me-apart personal trait? My preference for exceptions and my autistic tendencies are very me. On the outside my witches’ mark located smack in the middle on the tip of my nose.

Where do I get my best ideas? Everywhere. I overdose on ideas non stop. I wish I had the time to turn ALL of my ideas into reality

What is my favorite spot to eat & drink “out”? In my hometown Groningen, my favorite eatery of the moment, is a little vegetarian joint called “Anat”. They serve yummy vegan breakfasts as well as great lunches. Located on the edge of the Noorderplantsoen Park I like where they are situated too. Their ginger shots make me take the long way home regularly,

Which books have influenced you? All fairytales I have ever read, right along with science fiction. The book which influenced me most is “The artist way” by Julia Cameron. It is a daily companion and has taught me to follow my own heart, follow my own truth, in art as well as life.

My favorite authors are: George Martin, Tolkien, Gabriel Marques, Couperus……

“You Only Die Once” What music do I want to go out with? Sometimes “It snows in April” by Prince, other times I lean towards “Egotripping at the gates of Hell” by Flaming Lips.

Who is my hero? In real life or fiction? Oh, wait either way it is me. I have become my own hero. It could not be any other way.

Which movie would I recommend you watch? “Alphabet” by Erwin Wagenhofer. It is an expose about the standardized testing and result oriented type of education in fashion today, and a tribute to Human Imagination.

What does “Financial freedom to create” mean to me? It is my biggest wish and desire to be so financially stable and settlds that I can create for ever more. A never ending financial buffer is what I would like.

Which role does art play in my life? It comes second, right after my kids. Art is Life.

Who is my biggest fan and /or partner in crime? That would be Miranda Nieman, and captain Ben Onderstijn, in the best friends and fans and patrons category. My number one partner in crime is my business partner and buddy Marian Tappel. Besides us each having our own biz, we collaborate under the dutch equivalent name “NomoreMondayseverAgain”. Our company offers crazy art workshops as well as innovative art installations for festivals and such.

Whom would I like to collaborate with in 2017? “Happy Ship” or “Pixar” – the best animation studios I know. I would love to be discoverd by key people of Pixar Edwin Catmull, John Lasseter or Jim Morris to see the magical world of my static images come alive in motion; especially the characters living in my books.

What projects on your agenda for 2017 excite you? There are a number of projects I look forward to. Spinbarg, stories of Groningen for which I was commissioned a series of charcoal sketches. An exposition in Museum Thijnhof. And, very exciting: one assignment will take me to Florida this spring.

Which people in art would I like to meet this year? I would love to meet a nice gallery owner from NY who just loves my work. Venus, or Michael Werner, or such. Right along with a great publisher for my upcoming book. A large publishing house, like Lemniscaat or Gottmer. Make it a worldwide adventure….

Where can we meet and where can I see your creations in 2017? Follow me on FaceBook! Next to my profile you will find a link in the upper left hand corner which takes you to my gallery and a calendar of events giving you the dibs on where I exhibit and where I create and do workshops.

How can YOU cantact ME? Facebook is an easy way – or via email:

vertaling Amalin Spee:


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