The Heroine’s Journey of Merel Visser

What the trait is that I most deplore in myself is.. Well deplorement is a big word in this case. ..But I sure am looking forward to be less chaotic.. And find more peace in mingling everything together in my life that matters to me. My daughter.. My painting..etc. But there is hope and I am working on it. Also I would like to be better in ways to show my work.. Go to the right galeries..stuff like that. Do more for my work..that works.
Which living persons in my profession I most admire right the only artist that pops up in my head right now.. I am sorry to admit.. I know there are plenty of masterfull painters right now but I just don’t know them. My greatest extravagance..that must be good food and drinks and good quality painting materials. And for the rest ..well I live a very extravagant life.. No money involved.. .
In what occasion in my life I would lie..That must be if I would unexpectacly be in a very dangerous situation.. Or my daughter or anyone I treasure would be.. And I could save myself or them to lie. Without a doubt.
The thing I was most unhappy about in my work would be all the times that I just asked not enough money for pieces of work..
When and where I was the most happy in my work..well.. Once I was in Mexico one weekend on a mountain called ‘El Cielo’ ( ‘Heaven’) It was so beautifull there that I noticed crying when we drove down at the end of the weekend.. Because I realized I probably would maybe never see this peace of paradise again..or maybe not in a long time. It was such an inspirational place…such a beautiful peace of paradise that I even forgot smoking during this weekend.. So forfilled of love I was for this magical peace on earth I had the honour to visit during two short days. When I returned to the place I stayed I began painting.. And I have never felt such freshness., such inspiration in my painting then at that time. All I wanted to paint came as a fresh wind to me.. I painted like I always had longed to paint.. Full of love.. Inspiration.. Without any unnecessary feelings like insucurity or anything luke that. It was an heavenly experience for me that I shall never forget.
What is my greatest achievement in work? Well that would be that I can still say that what I paint.. I really want to paint. It is not with the thought of money..or other stuff that I think of while painting. Because thought like that makes my mind ugly and and troubled at once while painting.. So I cannot flow. The colours get ugly instantly and the personage I am painting doesn’t have a good look in the eyes..looks troubled when I think of stuff like that when I paint. I only feel when I paint or draw and then the painting or drawing flows with me. The painting is me and I am the painting. It is happy teamwork. So my greatest achievement in work is that I still paint like the child that I still am.
Where would I most like to live? In Tahiti.. Canada.. Or some other magical place where there is a lot of tropical mindblowing nature.
My most treasured possesion would be my daughter.. Although she is not my possesion she is her own possesion and I have the honour to guide her in her life the best I can.
My most inspirational location in my city.. Well my city Sneek is not so cultural so.. In my atelier and in the houses of my friends haha. And when I look up when there is a beautiful sky above my head favourite place to eat and drink in my city is Lebowski. The books that influenced my life.. Well my favourite authors when I was a child were Roald Dahl.. Thea Beckmann and Astrid Lindgren and also I ate with my eyes the beautiful pictures in so many childrens books.. Fairytale-books and such.. My favourite writers would be Roald Dahl..Emily Dickinson and right now I read about Inner Child.
The music that I would listen on my last day would be certain work of Mozart..Vivaldi Concerts for Mandoline and ‘La Foule’of Edith Piaf.
Who my hero or heroin is in fiction is Kathy in ‘Wuthering Heights’. Anaïs Nin herself and Ronja Röverdotter ( in the book of Astrid Lindgren)
Which movie I would recommend once in a lifetime is the documentary/movie of The Buona Vista Social Club. What an example for living!
What role art plays in my life and work.. Well I breathe art.. Need art.. Need to make art.. Love to make art. Need to give feel and live art.
Who my greatest fans are.. Sponsors.. Partners in crime…let me see. My greatest fans are allways my parents. And more and more familymembers..also I begin to have more fans of my work every year. My partners in crime would be my collega – artists. .they know what I’m sayin’..  and sponsors. Well they are always welcome indeed I would’t mind to see them in the near future!
Whom I would like to work with in 2017 is Esther of ‘Eigen Wijze’ and more artists to make beautiful murals with together.
Which people in my profession I would love to meet is.. Yes! More sponsors ..ofcourse. and more energetic loving artists to inspire one another.
The project in 2017 I am looking forward to work on is finish a great collection to expose in a gallery that can lift my work up, and working with Esther.
Where you can see me or my work in 2017.. Check www. merelvisser. frl , www. kunstvanmerel. nl or find me on fb Merel Visser in Sneek.
The words ‘Passion Never Retires’ mean to me that.. well that’s me. I will love doing this ‘ till the day I die.
You can contact me 0031 (0) 6 43617915. And in the NauwerNoorderhorne 6 in Sneek I have a permanent exposition in Merels Etalage..

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