The Heroine’s Journey of Ingrid Smith

What is the best thing that I love about my work ?

Independence, Freedom, being able to have and make choices, as a business owner, jewelry artist, singer/songwriter, photographer, freelance writer

What is my idea of perfect happiness ?

Family, friends and health ….

What is my greatest fear ?

My only fear is that spirituality is just a lie, a human fantasy of gaining power over mankind.

What is the trait that I most deplore in myself ?

Procrastination and playing detective, cannot let go ….

Which living persons in my profession do I most admire ?

Frank Starchak, owner and producer of Deltona Records Recording Studios.

What is my greatest extravagance ?

Spending money on art.

On what occasion would I lie ?

I do not lie, I rather say nothing.

What is the thing I dislike the most  in my work ?

Not having enough time, so there are a lot of unfinished products.

When and where was I the happiest, in my work ?

Every space and place, where I can work alone.

If I could, what would I change about myself ?

Stop overindulging in my desires.

What is my greatest achievement in work ?

Persistence and beating the odds.

Where I would like most like to live ?

Tarpon Springs, Florida ….is Greece and USA in one place.

What is my most treasured possession ?

My family documents and trinkets of my forefathers from over 100 year ago.

What is my most marked characteristic ?

Perseverance .

What is my most inspiration location, in my city?

My backyard with trees and a creek and 100’s of birds and other creatures.

What is my favorite  place to eat and drink, in my city?

The parties in my house with family and friends.

What books influenced my life and how ?

The 12th planet. Everything you touch and see in your life has  a story, a building, a sacred place, a painting, an animal, a plant.

Who are my favorite writers ?

Zachary Sitchin and Plato.

You only die once.What music would I listen my last day ?

Johann Sebastian Bach .

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction ?

My guardian angel.

Who are my heroes and heroines in my real life ?

My husband and my daughter .

Which movie would I recommend to see once in your lifetime ?

The Green Mile .

What role plays art in life and my work ?

It is my ruler, my  destiny.

Who is  my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime ?

Thirl Hupp, the man with a million ideas .

Whom would I like to work with in 2017 ?

Quincy Jones.

Which people in my profession would I love  to meet in 2017?

Quincy Jones, Ellen de Generes , Bruno Mars .

What project, in 2017 am I looking forward to work on?

The reproduction and a  new version of Marlene Dietrich’s FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN.

Where  can you see me or  my work in 2017?

In all Social Media and Musical Platforms with World Wide Music Group, contact info:

What do the words “Passion Never Retires” mean to me?

Quote: No retirement in my life, because I will be longer dead than alive.

How can you contact me?

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