The Heroine’s Journey of claRa apaRicio yoldi

What is the best thing that I love about my work? When I work on my video art pieces I love the whole creative process: From when the first idea or concept appears and how this idea is in my head sometimes for years until I feel ready to start
working on it. Then, night and day I will be obsessed and excited thinking about the idea and how to put it out, how to show what’s in my head. Images start emerging and I take lots of notes and sketches, and I keep reading, watching and absorbing. Once I start working on the video unexpected problems arise from limitations, and I really enjoy the challenges, the experimentation and the search for solutions. I love the unpredictable elements that you can’t control and the result always includes surprises.

What is my idea of perfect happiness? Reading, swimming and creating all day and being with friends and family in the evening.

What is my greatest fear? Death.

What is the trait that I most deplore in myself? My shyness and not being able to express what I think or feel.

Which living persons in my profession do I most admire? Pipilotti Rist, Hito Steyerl, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch, Miranda July, Bill Viola, Michel Gondry…

What is my greatest extravagance? I have 5 calendars/diaries that are synchronised and that I update every day.

On what occasion would I lie? I don’t lie, but I can exaggerate a lot when telling stories.

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? Rendering.

When and where was I the happiest, in my work? When my videos were screened in places that had previously shown work from some of my favourite artists. Artists that have inspired me to begin and keep creating videos. Like in the CCCB in Barcelona or Círculo de Bellas Artes, Medialab Prado, La Neomudéjar and Centro Conde Duque in Madrid.

Seeing one of my videos on a Russian television news channel was also a happy moment.

If I could, what would I change about myself? My shyness, anxiety, indecision and insecurities.

What is my greatest achievement in work? My award for Most Promising Video Artist at MADATAC 07 – Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival in Madrid, Spain (2016), the prize in BANG VIII – International Videoart Festival in Barcelona, Spain (2015) and in FIVAC International Videoart Festival Camagüey, Cuba (2015).

And selling my first videos in 2017.

Where would I most like to live? 3 months in New York, 3 months in London, 3 months in Madrid and 3 months in any little island.

What is my most treasured possession? My Dropbox folder.

What is my most marked characteristic? Apparent tranquillity, discipline, irony and a lust for life.

What is my most inspirational location, in my city? The top deck of the bus route number 4.

Where is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? The cafe that I go to after swimming. Best salads and juices ever.

What books influenced my life and how? Poems/lyrics by Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith and Pink Floyd, made me dream when I was a teenager. I also read “Sophie’s World” in my teens and it helped me understand the world better. Books that kept me company when I was younger: “The Catcher in the Rye”, “Saint Emmanuel the Good, Martyr”, “Bohemian Lights”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Hive”, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, “The Sorrows of Young Werther”, “The Metamorphosis”, “The Stranger”, “Death in Venice”, “Lolita”, “The Tunnel”, “In Search of Lost Time”… Other books that have recently changed my perception of what surrounds me are: “Proust Was a Neuroscientist”, “You are Not So Smart”, “The Shock Doctrine”, “Sociophobia”, “Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class”, “The Wretched of the Screen”…

Who are my favourite writers? Raymond Carver and Enrique Vila-Matas.

You Only Die Once. What music would I listen to on my last day? Silence please.

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction? Superman, Thelma & Louise and Miranda Hobbes.

Who are my heroes and heroines in real life? Pipilotti Rist, Miranda July, Julie Delpy, Lena Dunham, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch…

Which movie would I recommend to see once in a lifetime? “The apartment”, “Hannah and her sisters”, “Pina”, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Magnolia”, Todd
Solondz’s “Happiness”…

What role does art play in my life and work? It’s a necessity, a kind of healthy disease.

Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? Ciara Clifford and Mally Harpaz, my musician friends and collaborators.

Whom would I like to work with in 2017? Philip Glass, Max Richter, Bjork, Thom York, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi, Richard Hawtin, Karin Dreijer Andersson, Jónsi Birgisson and Alex Somers…

Which people in my profession would I love to meet in 2017? Hito Steyerl, Pipilotti Rist, Miranda July, Tracey Emin, Marina Abramovic, Guerrilla Girls, Bill Viola,
Bruce Nauman, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Jonathan Glazer…

What project, in 2017, am I looking forward to work on? I’m working on a new video piece called “Phoebus”, about programmed obsolesce.

Where can you see me or my work in 2017?
Madatac in Madrid, Artrooms in London, Cyfest in St. Petersburg, Time is Love Screening in: Karlsruhe, Tel Aviv, Plymouth, Camaguey, Sofia and Lalitpur, PostFuture Journey digital exhibition in the Athens International Airport, Videformes in Clermont-Ferrand, Syn Festival in Edinburgh,  Street Video Art Screening in Ephesus, Liberté, je te filme festival in Paris, Fivac in Camagüey, Experiments in Cinema in Albuquerque, International Motion Festival in Nicosia, Videopride in Madrid, File in São Paulo and Espai d´Art Contemporani in Castelló.

What do the words “Passion Never Retires” mean to me? An endless fascination for life and the impetuous need to create.

Which creative heroines should Peter invite to tell their story?
Ciara Clifford and Mally Harpaz

How can you contact me?

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