The Heroine’s Journey of Inma Chopo

Passion? My work like an actress, dancer, artist is achievement of freedom, democracy
Happiness? To be on beach, watching the sea relaxing
Fear? the war
Deplore? To be insecure
Admire? People who do real their dreams, like Marité Queral
Extragavance?  See time and time again a play/film that I love it.
Lie? only for say the truth
Dislike?  Price ‘s tickets seems expensive for spectators
Happiest? I love it the moments of rehearsal, premiere.
Change? Time, sometimes the time pass so fast.
Achievement? If i can imagine i can follow achievement
Live? For a time: EEUU (New York, Los Angeles, and see other states), and London to see The Globe, Vienna… See all countries as possible!!!
Treasured Possession? Freedom
Characteristic?  I know how to listen to another what their soul wants to say.
Inspirational place? All places is good for coming inspiration if I’m working
Best Books?  “Salome” by Oscar Wilde. Never before the moon have so much influence in my life.
Best Writers? Shakespeare, Wilde..
Music on Last Day? “Adoro” with singer Lola Flores
Hero in real life?  My brother
Which movie to recommend? Bigas Luna’s movies
What role play art in my life and work? Be an artist saved my life and make me better.
Juan Vives, my best friend
Whom would like to work with in 2017? Sofia Coppola, Lamata, Pedro Almodovar, Tom Cruise…
Who do you meet?  I meet with Nacho Fresnada, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Marivel Verdú, Carmen Machi
Where can you see my work? Film, series, tv, radio, press
More in my web
The energy to create art


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