The Heroine’s Journey of Miriam Martín

-What I like most about my work is being able to live many lives, give life to those characters and play like when I was a child. Enter into a kind of trance and enjoy what I do. And if you create a catharsis and absolute truth with the spectator it is already the greatest reward. It’s not a job, it’s like having a vacation.
For me the perfect happiness is the compatibility of everyday life with work, to be able to help, to be able to change the world, that never lacks love, money, health, happiness, luck and fulfill all my goals. My reference is Audrey Hepburn, a solidarity and a good actress.
-My biggest fear is losing my loved ones, seeing them suffer, knowing that they are going to go soon or on the contrary that will happen all of a sudden. I’ve seen my mother die and it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.
-A physical trait I don’t like anything is my nose. As I get older it is accentuated and looks more like a witch, a profile. You can’t tell from the front. When I can I will do a rhinoplasty and not hide it as many actresses who say it is his haha. Of personality I like how I am, still having a lot of character and being PAS (highly sensitive person). It wouldn’t change anything.
-As actors I greatly admire Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Leo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. I love them, I could watch their movies over and over again, they’re the best. I would love to learn from them and be able to meet them in person someday.
-I am not extravagant, I consider myself very normal in fashion although I do not follow any, I wear what I like. And I would never wear furs or anything that carries animal suffering.
If I had to lie I would do it to save my own skin or someone important to me, in some extreme situation. I do not like lying or lie to me, I am very sincere, for some who are not accustomed to sincerity, even edge.
-What I like most about my work I have already said in the first question haha. I am always happy acting but perhaps the greatest happiness (so far) was to act in a congress hall for 2500 people and almost all standing at the end.
-My greatest achievement at work would be to be able to work in large productions, with important directors and great professionals as partners. To be able to live of it, to shoot many films blockbuster and to be able to die saying “I got it”.
.Where would I like to live? In a quiet environment, without theft, aggression, wars, without anyone judging or questioning, where there is respect for humans and animals, that’s what I would like most. And in a house with garden, Orchard, cinema, gym … with room for everything “necessary” in these times.
– My most precious possession, even if they are not mine, that they are passing and when they are older they will fly, they are my daughters. I try to educate them as best I can and instill the best values and they have given me the strength to move forward in the worst moments. They’re wonderful.
-My most marked feature, perhaps that I like to put everything in place, I easily endeared with the injustices, I do not shut up. This question is complicated to answer. I’ve always been the “weirdo” of the old family, an misunderstood, and now more than not like animals. They feel like us and are better than many people.
-I do not consider any city as my own, but an inspiring place in Madrid is the Retiro park, despite the crowd radiating peace. In Zaragoza where I was born, any place in nature, as in Cordoba or Andalusia where my roots are. I like to study my scripts or walk to a fast march or surrounded by trees.
-My favorite places to eat, any vegan restaurant either tapas, a la carte or menu but vegan always. Luckily they open more and more. In Madrid this year they have opened several new ones and it is a joy. And drinking doesn’t matter, I drink very little.
– I like to read, when the rhythm of life allows me and if I have no script to study. My time to devour the parapsychology theme has passed, so I could read anyone that I find interesting, I have no favorite subject right now. But a book that influenced my life a lot was “the Alchemist” of Paulo Coelho. Just read it I was kicked out of a surreal way from my cashier’s job at Casino and I was able to study interpretation, looking for my way.
-I don’t have any favorite writers. I’m not a label or a protocol or a fanaticism. Any writer who tells something interesting and that sees me reflected, or makes me feel emotions like in the cinema, or that it shares his ideas, or that it helps me and teaches me at some point in my life, those for me are the best ones.
If today was the last day of my life and I will only listen to music, I would hear Luar Na Lubre, Deva premal, and it depends if I die in the afternoon or night and I will have time, a compilation of those songs that we all have “our” Remembering wonderful moments and a mantra of gratitude.
My small fiction heroes were Superman, Falkor in The Neverending Story, E. T, even Candy candy. and Santa Claus. I almost prefer to stay with those memories, now we live in a world where heroes are those who manage to survive, help others, save lives, prevent deaths, torture.
–  You can see my work at:

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