The Heroine’s Journey of Nantonell

What is the best thing i love about my work? Best thing is the freedom to travel into an imaginary world with no boundaries . To be recognized and respected.
What is my idea of perfect happiness ? To be in balance within my soul . To be at peace with who i am.
What is my greatest fear ?  It must be socializing on unfamiliar territory so to speak. To socialize with complete strangers.
What is the trait that i most deplore in myself ? My temper
Which living persons in my profession do i admire ? The german songwriter and author Till Lindemann.  His extraordinary use of metaphors and his ability to create a genuine curiosity.
What is my greatest extravagance ? To be able to live my dream. To have the life that i have.
On what occasion would i lie ?  In general i do not believe in deliberately deceiving another person with lies , but i can tell a so called white lie if my personal limit is being deliberately disrespected and misused.
What is the thing that i dislike the most about my work ? It is psychologically hard to withdraw in to a world that holds extreme darkness.  It takes a lot of energy and strenght.
When and where was i the happiest in my work ? It gives me such an inner satisfaction to receive respect for what i do. To be recognized for what i do.
If i could what would i change about myself ? People often misunderstand me as being cold and inaccessible , where i am in fact only withdrawn and shy.  But it is a part of who i am. It would be easy to be more ordinary.
What is my greatest achievement in work ? To be recognized and respected as an author
Where would i most like to live ? In a remote place by the sea
What is my most treasured possesion ? My life
What is my most marked characteristic ? I never judge other people. In my heart there is room for all
What is my most inspirational location in my city ? I do not have a location.  My inspiration comes mostly from within. Sometimes music and movies
What is my favorite place to eat and drink in my city ? Prater Garten , Berlin.
What books influenced my life and how ? Almost sounds like a cliche however Barbara Cartland had quite an influence on me.  This imaginary escape from my own dark reality came as a soothing break. The german author Till Lindemann also had an influence on me as he was the reason for my very first poem.
Who are my favorite writers ? Bertolt Brecht and Till Lindemann
What music would i listen to on my last day ? Classical music
Who are my heroes or heroines in real life ? Easy question.  Those who struggle to make a better life for themselves. The poor man on the street wearing a smile on his face , grateful for what he has despite his unfortunate situation. Soldiers at war. Veterans who served their country.
Which movie would i recommend to see once in a lifetime ? Legends of The Fall
What role plays art in my life and work ? Art is to me , the freedom of speech. A neverending story filled with upportunities. A whisper saying You can do whatever you want , it is there so embrace it.
Who is my greatest fan , sponsor, partner in crime ? Difficult question.   It really depends on the current situation.  But over all , my biggest fan are those who give me feedback wether good or bad.  Those who speak their mind about my work. I do not have a sponsor nor a partner in crime .
Whom would i like to work with in 2017 ? My biggest wish is to get a mentor to work with.
Which people in my profession would i love to meet in 2017 ? Songwriter/music producer
What project in 2017 am i looking forward to ? Publishing my book
Where can you see me or my work in 2017 ?

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