The Heroine’s Journey of Gaëlle Lienhardt

The best thing i love in my work is to help indian students to come in France for their studies. I love to promove higher french education and to be an representative of french culture in India.
My idea of perfect happiness is to be free to become who we are. Happiness is to feel free in Peace and Love.
My greatest fear is to have fear of someone one day because where there is fear, Love can’t appear.
The trait that i deplore the most in me is sometimes to be naive forgetting bad people are on Earth.
The person i most admire in my profession are all these teachers i meet sharing their knowledge with passion.
My greatest extravagance is to be me! lol because i think so many people play a game in life because they don’t know who they are.
I will lie on my age because everybody thinks i am younger. hahaha
The thing i dislike in my work is to answer by mail to my collegues
i was the most happiest in my work when the first student came to me to ask me help to choice the topic of their PhD …and i could help her. I feel a lot of happiness, satisfaction.
If i could i would like to change my physical body … I would like to be a bird!..
My greatest achievement in my work is to work for french embassy in India. France and India are in my blood for a long time… An honor to work for french embassy and to be a link with these 2 countries. I live in India since september. It was one of my dreams to live there.
My most treasured possession is my body where my heart and my soul live.
My most marked characteristic is to be spiritual
My most inspirational location in my city is ” Patalpani Waterfalls” . The best place to meditate and enjoy Nature…and monkeys!
My favorite place to eat and drink in my city Indore is ” palette cafe” . Mango smoothie is delicious!…more decoration is very artistic…
The book that influenced my life is ” Baghavad Gita”. Through Krishna story we can understand all meaning of the Life…
My favorite writers are Paolo Coehlo ,Rumi, Eckhart Tolle
My favorite song is ” Tombe du ciel” of Jacques Higelin . This song explain that we come from sky like rain drops… I would like to listen this song for my last day.
My Heroine in fiction is ” Gigi” . I watched this cartoon during my childhood . Gigi is a magical princess who wants save the World from darkness …
In real life my Heroine is my mother. A beautiful soul …very brave…
One of my favorite movies is ” Un + Une ” of Claude Lelouch. Beautiful love story The scene takes place in India…
Art plays a big role in my life because i like to write poems, to dance… and because i think we are the creator of our Life. Let’s be good designer! 😉 In my work art is important too because thanks to cultural events we create links between France and India.
My greatest fan is my mother! I am so grateful for that
In 2017 i would like to work with all these indian students loving France and who are motivated to study in France.
In my profession i would like to meet Ambassador of France in India and Ambassador of India in France.
In 2017 my project is CampusFrance in Indore becomes the best place who allow students to go in France
in 2017 you can see me in indian universities to promote french higher education
Yes passion never retires means to me when we do things with all our heart. When we do things with all our heart , all becomes possible!
So…. Peter should invite my creative friend Emmanuelle Gabarda
You can contact me by letter using beautiful words…nothing more sweet to share… : )

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