The Heroine’s Journey of Patty Dann

The best thing I love about writing is I feel free to be “creative and bold on the page” as Flaubert would say.

Perfect happiness is standing in the garden eating freshly picked tomatoes.

My greatest fear is not being kind to my loved ones.

I deplore that I am easily distracted.

The living writers I respect the most are  Mohsin Hamid and Elizabeth Strout

My greatest extravagance is I have to swim. Wherever I live and wherever I travel, I need to be near a pool.

I would only lie if I felt the truth would hurt my loved ones irreparably, but I try and tell the truth.

I dislike the amount of time it takes to polish one sentence, but it’s also one of my favorite things  as well.

I might have been happiest when I wrote my first novel, Mermaids, on a typewriter, in a little cottage without a phone on Shelter Island.

If I could change anything about myself it would be to get rid of my worries, which are a waste of time.

I’ve never thought about having a greatest achievement. My mind doesn’t think that way, but I love being a mother.

I lived for a time in Paris, and I’d love to live there again.

My most treasured possession is my imagination.

My most marked characteristic is even though I write a lot about my life, I’m very private in person.

Inspiration comes at wildly unexpected times.

I love to eat outside, a picnic in the park or a café in Paris.

Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome and Howard Norman’s The Bird Artist are books I read over and over again for inspiration. They are two of my favorite writers.

If I had one day to live, I would listen to Mozart’s concertos from morning to night and I do so even though hopefully I have more than one day to live.

In fiction my hero has always been  Jo in LITTLE WOMEN.

In real life my heroes are Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela and Malala – people who endured physical hardship and continued to write.

 In 2017 I am working on a book of essays.

 “Passion Never Retires” means exactly what it says. That goes for love and writing.


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