The Heroine’s Journey of Elena Savini

What I love about my work is first of all the freedom of expression, the opportunity to create and transform my emotions into a jewel. Being very close to my country (Italy) to my region (Puglia) it’s as if I could mold a part of it, working with clay and make it more precious than what it already is.

Undoubtedly happiness for me is made of ties. I am visceral and I love my family! There is nothing more precious and nothing that makes me happier than those magical moments of everyday life which may scare some people but from which I receive all my energy. Of course happiness is also having the fortune to choose my job!

My greatest fear? Loosing everything that I have just described: my family ties.

I am often self-critical, even though I realize that I have a great talent. I don’t like this about me, I should be easier on myself. I expect precision, the maximum as a woman and as an artist, I am almost always able to reach my goals. But I should be easier on myself.

I admire all those who are able to make their work an art. Therefore I don’t have a precise inspiration. I am tied more to the past rather than the present as far as my personal growth, just like everyone else.

My greatest eccentricity? I am perhaps more simple than one can imagine. Artists are not always “strange”. . . In this period of time, the strangest thing is the fact that I’ve refused a fixed salary for the “unknown”. I have to “invent” my work every day!

The only thing that I don’t love about my job is working in winter. It may sound absurd but clay in winter is really cold and my fingers become cold as rocks when I work it. Besides this, I have no complaints.

The best thing about my job is the creative part. The moment that an imagine takes form in my mind, then it becomes a shape, like using the old method of developing pictures in a dark room, you patiently wait that all the steps are finished in the oven and you discover the magic that has taken place inside the oven.

I would not change anything about myself. As I wrote in the previous answers, my being extremely self-critical is a characteristic and it helps me to improve. No, I would not change anything.

Success to me is every time that I am chosen or my work is displayed or on a catwalk!   

If I could choose where to live, I would definitely choose a hot place, a small town with a slow pace, without the frenzy of the city.                                                                                 

My greatest treasure is ME!                                                                                                         

As a consequence, my most obvious characteristic is vanity. . .not conceit, but vanity.

Surely the place where I receive the greatest inspiration is the sea and everything that surrounds it.                                                                                                                                 

Eat and drink well in my town? My house! Absolutely my house . . hahaha. . .a good lunch on my terrace with a good bottle of red wine, my cats and a splendid view of an old garden.                                                                                                                                       

Just as with art so it is with reading: I don’t have a favourite. I’ve read a lot, I read even more but the last that I’ve read, “Il cantastorie di Marrakech” written by JoydeepRoy-Bhattacharya is really a blaze of images, scents and colours.

My favourite authors are Giovanni Verga, I really like Alessandro Manzoni, Carlo Ruis Zafon (who has really exceeded himself in “The shade of the wind”), I also like Baudelaire, Primo Levi. ..I have several favourite authors.                                             

The last song that I would like to listen to? Surely a Freddie Mercury song: THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

I honestly don’t have a hero that inspires me.

On the other hand, in real life my heroes are surely my parents, all of my family, my sister, my husband and my animals: my marvelous three cats and my dog.

One of the films that I love is: “Guess who’s coming to dinner” with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. It’s a 1967 film, with a modern theme but most of all very sweet. Maybe because Spencer Tracy reminds me of my dad . . I don’t know. It’s marvelous.

Obviously, art is the foundation of my work. In all its shapes, in all its exponents. From paintings to architecture, from music to acrobatic dance. Every moment is full of art and inspiration if it’s seen with the eyes of someone who creates.                                                   

My greatest fan is surely my mother, who has always taught me to never give up! If I could become even half of the woman that she is, then I will have done a good job.

Not for the celebrity that she is, but for the person that she seems to be, I would really like to work for Angelina Jolie and have her wear one of my works. Her beauty has no comparison and she has an innate elegance

I would really like to meet some great Italian goldsmiths.                                               

I am planning a fashion show, all mine.I’ve been working on it constantly and arduously both in creating new sculptural jewels and in organizing the event. I will do my best to make it a great success.

You can see my work on internet. I usually participate in exhibitions or fairs, for now only on a national level. Young artists/artisans need time and support in order to grow.

My passion never ends. Passion, for me, is what allows you to continue and go forward; it’s what burns in your heart and creates in your mind what is then created by the hands.                                                                                                                                             

Peter should contact my friend Fonte Silvia Meo because she is an incredibile photographer!

You can contact me through Facebook or my website where you can find all my information.

You can find me on youtube

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