The Heroine’s Journey of Rebecca Asghar

The best thing I love about my work is the flexibility to work when I want and how I want. I’m a qualified lawyer but am currently studying for diploma in portraiture and either selling works I’ve done or undertaking commissions.
My idea of perfect happiness is really close, I’ve a wonderful supportive husband and a home and two cats, I’m looking to build a successful art business and to have a couple of kids!
My greatest fear is probably heights.… Or maybe spiders!
The trait I most deplore in myself is a tendency to become negative or pessimistic… It can take a day for me to clear that mood…
The living persons I most admire is a hard one... Rembrandt and Cezanne are utmost masters and I’ve been told by a teacher that my work reminds her of Alice Neel, but I like artists like our former head tutor Tim Benson and Johan Anderson, a US based artist.
My greatest extravagance is probably the cat food I buy my cats! I lost one cat to cancer so I now make sure as far as I can to feed them the best quality food I can, raw and human grade!
On lying, I guess everyone tells little white lies. I tend not to lie but I may omit to mention to my husband that I bought something online….
The think I dislike most about my work is the expense and difficulty of getting the basic items such as paint and canvas to start… I have to factor that into my price. Also the difficulty of posting items abroad or in country, which requires extremely good packing.
I am most happiest in my work at my art school, amongst my colleagues. I’m grateful for the support I get at the moment. I’m just in my first year on my Diploma and after the second year will be out on my own. I have already had my loft converted into an art studio.
If I could, I would like to be much bolder than I am. I’m much too fearful. Then some people wouldn’t do what I did, get married within a month and change from a lawyer to an art direction!
My greatest achievement is yet to come for sure. I’ve a commission I’m working on for a client which is a work of her 3 children in around sunset, where the shadows are long from the figures and buildings and it’s a very interesting perspective of how the landscape converges.
I would probably most like to live in California. It’s great for artists in America and more opportunities.
My most treasured possession is my wedding ring. I went through the mill for some years before meeting the right person. My first marriage was a definite mistake.
My most marked physical characteristic is maybe my large eyes or my long hair. Both are slightly out of the unusual. If a personality trait, it’s probably my ability to bounce back.
The most inspiring location for me is anywhere Royal or ornate, like Buckingham Palace. I would love to paint the Queen.
My favourite place to eat, is anywhere that does a great steak. I love how they do it at Directors Cut, Walthamstow and you can hop over for a great film afterwards. I love simple, homely fare without frills.
I’m not sure if any books actually influenced my life but I’ve always loved to read.. I used to fall sleep in my crib with a book as a baby. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird taught me about the basic injustice of mankind…but the book that had the most impact on me was Wuthering Heights. The hero and heroines are anti heros and heroines.
My favourite writers, Agatha Christie, Emily Bronte, Harper Lee.
The music I would listen to on my day would be either 90s r n b, or a piece by Mozart (I am studying Grade 6 in the violin)
My hero in fiction is definitely Columbo! I only wish to have half the logical ability he has. 
Probably also Dame Joan Collins as a heroine, who I think is incredible.
The movie I would recommend to see at least once is Legends of the Fall. Anytime it’s on, I have to watch it. I feel sorry for Susannah, who doesn’t seem to love herself enough to know that Tristan doesn’t truly love her. This happens to a lot of women.
The role that plays art in my life is being a wife. It was something I never believed I could do.
Going on from that. My greatest sponsor and partner in crime is definitely my husband. He’s my best friend. I’ve felt let down by many friends in my life. I guess I hate being pigeon holed
I would love to work with… The Queen in doing her portrait!
I would love to meet art galleries here in London and in US about exhibitions. I’ve been mentioned for a collaborative exhibition with another artist by an elderly Filipino friend of mine, who is quite influential and clued up. I’ve also been asked to have an exhibition in my home country Bangladesh from an artist friend of my father.
The project I’m looking to work on in 2018 is building my art business online and my following. I’m looking to get active on social media. I will also have completed one year on my Diploma and have participated in the school exhibition in the Summer.
You will see my work online, hopefully on my website to be created or facebook and instagram pages. I’m trying to get these all linked up professionally.
Passion never retires to me is who I am. Years of legal career, a failed marriage and business failures couldn’t beat out the passion I had for my ability to create art. I left the legal career in 2015 after I got married and went on a springboard to the art career by commencing at an art school in 2015 for two years, until I was offered the diploma at another institution.

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