The Heroine’s Journey of Rebecca McCullough

The best thing I love about my work is adding color to my drawings.
My idea of perfect happiness is spiritual peace, what I mean by that is being at peace and comfort with your own spirituality.
I would have to say that my greatest fear would be dying in my sleep because then how would I know if I were dead? I don’t think I would.
What I deplore most about myself is the lack of wanting to be alone. Especially in a city. I don’t mind being alone out in the country though.
I would have to say that I admire Melissa Mary Duncan the most because I think her artwork is the most exquisite.
Other than art supplies, my greatest extravagance is clothing because I get bored easily with clothes and like to mix and match my styles. It changes with me on a daily basis.
I …would have to think about that one. I’m not sure what I would lie about, maybe a job for certain, just to get the job. And I mean job, not career.
The part I dislike the most in my work is matting and framing because I find it hard to find the proper sizes for my work.
I’m definitely the most happiest in my work when I listen to music and the paint just flows from my paintbrush onto the paper.
If I could change anything about myself, it would be learning to use my singing voice again. I’m quite a bit out of practice.
My greatest achievement in work was having some of my paintings auctioned off at American Cancer Society and getting published through Artistic Dreams Imaging. Also almost getting published by Ron Sansone.
I would most like to live in Colorado because I think that’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. I love the mountains and the water. But I also love the beach, lol.
My most treasured possession is a quilt that my grandma used that my grandpa made. It is absolutely gorgeous, it has different flower patterns on it because my grandma loved gardening, and it has a special name tag on it with my grandpa’s name etched on it.
My most marked characteristic is my smile, when I smile, and my eyes.
My most inspirational place in my city is probably the woods right next door and the park next door, the park because there’s a lake and the woods because it’s quiet and peaceful.
Not surprisingly my favorite place to eat and drink in my city happens to be in my comfort spot, at home.
Well, it depends on  what kind of books, if its art books, then Amy Brown, and Nene Thomas because they create figures and I’ve been creating figures since I was 5 years old and also Thomas Kinkade because of his beautiful light creations. Also, Little House on The Prairie, because I prefer country living.
Laura Ingalls Wilder and William Shakespeare were my favorite writers.
There is a song I would listen to on my last day, it’s sung by Nikki Sixx and its called ‘Life is Beautiful.’
My hero in Fiction would have to be Harry Potter honestly.
My hero would have to be my Grandpa Cooper, because he was a great father, grandfather and firefighter. As for a heroine, it would be my Grandma Cooper. My grandma was an awesome mother and grandmother.
Hmm…a movie that I’d recommend to see once in a lifetime... I really don’t know. Genre, I’d have to say anything documentary. Something based on fact because in my opinion, those are the best.
Art is the main role in my life. Reason being is because it cheers people up. I just gifted a nature painting to a lady I know as a housewarming gift yesterday. ( I paint both nature and fantasy).
My sponsor, partner in crime…now that’s a tough one. I’d have to say my greatest fan is Dan Starlin, Jeff McCullough and Jeff Humek.
I would like to work with Linda Kemp this year because I learned that she paints negative paintings and that is an awesome technique I’d like to learn it myself, however I’m having difficulties with it. I do find it very challenging.
I’m really open to any new projects for this year. I’d like to get back into working with Artistic Dreams Imaging. I’d also like to create more work to help with ACS.
You can see me and my artwork at a local consignment shop in my town.
‘Passion Never Retires’ lol, I was born and raised in an artistic family. Passion truly never does retire. Always finding something creative to do.
Any Creative heroine’s for Peter De Kuster to name a couple, are Nene Thomas, and Liselot Ericcson
You can Contact me: Rebecca McCullough
 , P.O.Box 812 Fruitland Park, 34731
and 352-217-7706 anytime and if I can’t answer, please leave a message.

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