The Heroine’s Journey of Giorgia D’Agostino

First thing I have to say is that my work is new for me as a Job, but very old as a passion. At the moment I love everything about it. Decorating spaces, looking for props, taking pictures and styling, creating accessories. Using my hands and being creative from early morning to evening, is an amazing joy for me.

The life I am leading, living in the countryside with my husband, taking care of a piece of land, surrounded by loving friends and family, playing music and doing a job I love, that’s perfect happiness to me.

The thing I fear the most is that this can be taken away from me. But in general, the thing I fear the most is cruelty in human beings.

The thing I most deplore about myself...well, whenever I become too serious, I get into some troubles. I know this well, yet, sometimes I can’t help it. And I can be hard in my talking to people, then.

Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt is the living person I most admire in my work, for sure. His work is really inspiring, so timeless, so clean. The  spaces he creates are so peaceful and cozy, I am sure people feel good, living there.

Extravagance...I had to ask some friends because I couldn’t answer. They told me I always look like someone that crossed over from some other century…that’s a quote from Bob Dylan’s song “Something there is about you”. It has to be true.

I can lie not to be unfair. Not often, I don’t like to lie, and I don’t if not forced to. Of course, I can imagine thousands of very extreme situations in which I could lie. I think about my grandfather who surely was not I liar, but during World War II he had to lie, many times, to save his own or other people’s lives.

The thing that can be hard in my work is that you meet people of any kind. May they be open minded or not, polite or unpolite, correct and respectful or not at all. You have to be patient and smile, which can be more tiring than the real work.

The happiest with my work I can’t say…I’m happy most of the time. Let’s say the proudest…that was when I had just finished my work for a shop and a man came in asking for the name of the architect who did that beautiful job. And that was me, and I am no architect at all!

I wish I could get something back from my youth, and that is the taste for adventure. In traveling, for instance. I still like to travel but now I have to plan and look for more comfortable situations, and I miss something.

My greatest achievement so far has been to be able to turn a passion into a Job.

I love living where I live, in Monferrato. But sometimes I dream about Tuscany and southern France.

My most treasured possession is my grandfather’s collection of art books. Some are very old, and it’s reassuring for me to have them around me.

I’m searching for beauty. In every aspect of life, in every field. That’s what defines me. That’s also my limit.

Il Castello di Rivoli, Museo di Arte Contemporanea is a very inspiring place for me. Both for the architectural work they did to connect the ancient to modern, and for some of the artworks that are permanently exhibited in there.

I come from Turin and now I live very close to Asti, so I would name two favorite places to eat and drink: Caffe della Basilica in Turin and Caffetteria Mazzetti in Asti.

I’m a passionate reader, so that’s a hard question to answer to. I think Virginia Woolf in my twenties gave me some self consciousness. In these months I am reading Pierre Rabhi, and his thoughts are really important to me, today.

Favorite writers...there’s so many! Shakespeare first. Then: Woolf, Wilde, Duras, De Beauvoir, Conrad, Joyce, De Luca, Salinas, Christa Wolf…Too many!

On my last day I would listen to the Beatles.

Hero in fiction: Ulysses. Heroine in fiction: Penelope.

My Heroes  and Heroines in real life are all those people who help other people at their own risk, and their names are often unknown.

I think one has to see Jesus Christ Superstar once in his life. Considering each different point of view of all the characters involved in each story is quite an important lesson, to me.

Art is very important to my family, I was raised in a creative environment and it’s a source of continuous inspiration for me both for work and private life.

My husband is my greatest fan and supporter, but I work in a small team with two friends, my girls are everything to me!

My work involves a continuous search for people to start a cooperation with. We’re working on some new projects that have to do with sustainable decoration for events and upcycling. We are very concerned about fabrics such as nylon tights,  that cannot be recycled and are usually thrown away after some hours of use. We have some ideas on how they can be upcycled, but we are looking for other craftsmen to share this project with, and we would like to involve school children and teachers.

Passion never retires, I’m sure. No doubt. But what my passion will be in the future, this I can’t tell. Maybe I’ll become a passionate gardener or farmer. I’ve always been a passionate decorator, but I’ve also been a passionate theater actress and teacher for about twenty years and then I felt it was time for me to end that chapter of my life. Change is challenging, it keeps passion alive.

The creative Heroine n.1 in my heart is Pina Bausch, but unfortunately she’s not here anymore. So I thought about painter Claire Basler. I don’t know much about her except for her living in a French castle and painting the flowers she picks up everyday from her garden. But I love her painting and I would be interested in knowing about her Journey.

Where can you contact me?  

Emporio5Babette on Pinterest

emporio5babette on Instagram

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