The Heroine’s Journey of Marie Leskimo

What i love about my work is to create. Create my own music and share it.

Happiness? To be on stage and share with people music and energy.

My greatest fear is maybe myself.

Eliane Radigue,Nina Simone, Meredith Monk, Arvo Part, Catherine Ribeiro, Patty Smith and maybe more. I admire them because they are apart … they give something different and with deep meanings…

Everyday should be the greatest extravaganza … everyday is special … everyday is unique.

When i would lie? if it could hurt people.

What i dislike? To wait days or years for answers and mails about serious matters.

Happiest? The release party of my EP « Dancing Shadows « ( 06/14/2016 )

Change? Maybe more positive and to let go and so more free in mind. ( to learn to play pipe )

My Ep was the biggest achievement but now i have to work on my album. So now it is my biggest achievement.

Live? near nature and around birds and trees .. and see out of sight the sky

Possesion? My guitar

Characteristic? Im very outgoing person. I like people and im spontaneous.

Favorite place?  Museums, Jardin des Plantes, and near rue du pont Louis-Philippe. Something in this area, good feeling around and energy. Something peaceful.

Where to eat?  japonese area and i like a place called Mokonuts (It is a mixture of Iran and Japan food ) and Toraya to take a tea. Toraya is special because you don’t hear music but just birds singing and it is so marvellous.

Book? Les Miserables of Victor Hugo for his belief in humanity. Histoire de ma vie from Georges Sand for her freedom and justice in life. Pantagruel about facts in life and wiseness. Les fleurs du mal from Baudelaire that we could write such beauty.

Writer? Fiodor Dostoîevski

Music on my last day? Orfeo Monteverdi

Heroine in fiction? Sedna She is a goddess of the sea in a inuit myth.

Heroine in real life? Every woman and man who struggle for people are my heroes.

Which movie? Genpin de Naomi Kawase

Role of art? It is my life.

Greatest fan? Myself

People to work with in 2018? Meredith Monk, Bjork and many others … and my musician friend Fantôme …

People to meet in 2018? Fantazio, Lula Pena, Kamilya Jubran, Okkyung Lee

What project in 2018? My album

Where to see? Niort in april 21 and Chalon sur Saone in may 5 and other places that the future will tell me ….

Passion Never Retires? And you what will you do on top of the mountain ?

Who to invite? Fantôme Josepha, La Féline, Halo Maud, Gisele Pape, Kyrie Kristmanson…and many others …

Where to contact? from facebook >


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