The Heroine’s Journey of Camila Verweij Da Silva Santos

The best thing that I love about my work is that I can transform peoples appearances. I am a nailtech and a make up artist. I can give women more confidence. I put highlight on their strong features so it will stand out more. But I also have men and transgenders come to me asking for advice that’s just priceless,. When I can help them overcome their insecurities. But also with a fotoshoot to transform a woman who wants to look powerful and in her normal live she is very shy….that’s just amazing to witness because you can not only see their appearance change but also their whole attitude. With the nails, most of us women love beautiful nails. But also if somebody has short bitten nails I can help them stop biting their nails and make their own nails grow long and strong.

My idea of perfect happiness. Well for me perfect doens’t exist. I am already very happy. I have 3 gorgeous, crazy, sassy, intelligent daughters. I have a darling husband who loves me for me! I have friends who became family and I have a home that I love to come to. So I am already very happy. Everything else that will be coming on my path and is very welcome.

My greatest fear is not to make my business a huge succes. I have wanted this for so long but because I was so damned afraid and got scared from stories from other people and familymembers that I put my dreams on hold for far to long. I have started it, but what I do regret is that I haven’t started it earlier in my life. Time doesn’t stop for anybody, so that’s why I am moving like the Thalys…not stopping until I am satisfied with all the goals that I have set for myself.

The trait that I deplore in myself is that sometimes I fall back in my old ways. Like letting things just hang in there and don’t go further with it. But after some sessions with my mentor and courses from Bob Proctor I have managed to get myself up much more quickly then I used to. So when I feel down or lack of energy I just put the teachings into practice and get myself up and get back back on track so I can make my dreams come true.

People in my profession? I adore Guilherme Nogueira. He’s Brazilian and his work is just phenomenal! The make up that he creates are just breathtaking gorgeous! And also Elene Kolomiets. She is from Ukrain. I have had the pleasure to meet her a few weeks ago in a nailcourse that i did there. She is very strong, a great businesswoman and a loving mother. And she also spoke a lot about slefcare and selfdevelopment. That is really something that I respect about her. And also her nail work…WOW!!!! Hope to be as good as she is!

I love colors and glitter!!! I was brought up with this all in my life and when my life went downhill in my teenage years I started to cut myself out of life and starting wearing only black and dark colors. But now that I know who I am and I love me!!! I am just ready to shine and letting the World know this is me! What you see is what you get baby! I really love colors and glitters. Makes me feel like a Dive everyday 😛 but also I don’t have a reason to hide myself. Actually nobody does. Just be you and the right people will come and stand next to you.

Hmm occasion I would lie.…actually I have learned to speak my mind. I used to lie so I wouldn’t hurt or offend peeple but then I was the one who was hurt and I hate liying to other people. So I stopped a few years ago and I tell the truth. Sometimes people thank me for it and others get offended. But getting offended is something personal and subjective. If you don’t want my oppinion please don’t ask it because I will tell the truth. SO no more lies for me actually.

Dislike? Getting up very early whahhaha…I hate it! Omgosh really I dislike getting up early. Sometimes I have to be around 5 or 7 in the morning at a client for a make up or nails. But when I start working it’s all worth it. I just love what I do and when I am busy I just forget the frustration that I have had a few hours ago when I didn’t want to get out of bed.

Happiest in my work? Last weekend actually. I work together with a very talented hairdresser Mazinho. I rent a space in his salon in Amsterdam. And last weekend i was running around like crazy hahah. From one client to another to a fotoshoot and sunday I was all alone in the salon and I was like…YES this is really what I want. My dream is to have at least 3 salons in the Netherlands so I can create jobs for people who have been thrown out of the “game”….I mean people who have kids (single parents), people who haven’t have had an degree and want a diploma. People who don’t fit into the business World but want to start something for them selve and want experience. I have been there….when I started my journey on self development I couldn’t get a job because I had to much confidence and I spoke to much the truth and a lot of managers didn’t like this. And in my eyes everybody has a special gift and it’s to bad that a lot of people don’t see this because they don’t “fit into that quote of a good employee. So I want to help these people. Don’t know how yet but I know I will manage this!

Change? Actually I would get a tummy tuck and a boob job! hahahha. Since 2015 I have lost….no I’ve got rid of 40kg! I have 15 left to go and it was not only the body weight but all of the sh*t I was still carring around from the past! I wanted to be a better version for me but also for my daughters. they deserve a healthy, strong, mother/rolemodel in their life. But in my eyes I have abused my own body and now with all that weight gone…I miss my full boobs 😛 and I really want a tummy tuck. But it’s for me. My husband loves me thin, big and in the middle. He adores me for who I am but that’s the only thing that I want to change about myself.

Proud? Have had a few times when I get a green card to transform a persons look. So I don’t let them see herself when I do the make up. Only when I am finished with her hair and make up. The reactions are just priceless. And some of them cry….I start to cry to but more because of my make up is running down hahaha. The hugs and kisses that i recieve …priceless! And also the nails…when a woman is very insecure about her nails and I transform that into the precious jewels….The reaction and happyness that I get from them no money can pay this! This is what I love to do and will keep doing!

I want to live at a place that’s warm. I have never felt really at home in the Netherlands. I live here for almost 29 years and Holland is really beautiful and this country has giving me a lot of good things. But my mother moved from Brazil to here and I just rememebr that I didn’t want to stay here. I have my 3 girls and my husband and I am very grateful for them but I don’t feel like this country is my home. My husband also wants to leave the netherlands but he was born here. 100% dutch as they come. But we are both thinking about Portugal, but we want that my business becomes stable and when the youngest is around 16 then we will see what we will do….move to another country or stay here.

Treasure? A wooden box that’s filled with chess pieces that I got from my grandfather when he died. It’s all made by hand and I adore that box so much! When I open it I smell the wood and it brings me back so much lovely memories. i wouldn’t sell it! He wanted me to have it and I respect his desision. And actually I don’t even want to sell it. It’s something that I want to pass on to my own girls. For my history is very important and this is his legacy to me.

Characteristic? Bubbly, high energy. When I am in my flow I can smile, laugh and just have a good time. I have learned to enjoy everything around me. And I listen. I love to listen to peoples stories. But stories that have value in it. So I can learn from it and maybe apply to my own life.

Books?  Rich Dad and Poor dad from Robert Kiyosaki. It opend my eyes how money works. How you can disconnect yourself from the system and create your won wealth. It learned me and still does how I can be financially free. And this book has thought me to think for myself and don’t follow the crowd. No matter what do what feels right for myself.

My fav writers, Joe Vitale, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins,Simon Sinek, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor. these men and their books helped me to get out of that crappy life I was in with my own mind. They’ve opend my eyes in such a way nobody has ever one for me. More their books helped me a lot to fin my purpose, my energy and myself.

Music on my last day? I honey…that would be The Pretender from the Foo Fighters! I LOVE this song!! Not the song that people would love to hear but I adore it. Gives me energy, puts me in perspective and just gives me such a boots to get myself from the ditch and go after what I want! When I die I want for people to have a party. No tears….just fun, laughter, colors and glitters baby! I enjoy every moment of mine so when I die I want people to celebrate my but also their lives!

Heroine in fiction? She-Ra …..hahah I know but I loved her since I was a lilttle Camila in Brazil. And when I lived here in the Netherlands I still watched it but on a German TV. She is beautiful, strong, kind, intelligent and that outfit and hair…oeh lala! hahah and a flying horse and a glitter sword. Who doesn’t want that?! 😛

Heroine in real life? The first one is myVovozinha (grandmother), that woman has overcome so much in her life. Has done some much for othersand brought a smile to your face when you didn’t feel like it. She is truly my heroine in life!! Not all heroes wear capes. This woman is truly my rolemodel. Love her so much!

Movie to see? Hocus Pocus for the laugh. I love Bette Midler and witchcraft. And What dreams may come. This one really touches my heart everytime that I watch it. Because of that movie I didn’t give up on my hope of finding a loving, caring husband who I really love so much!

Role of art?  Make up and nailart is art. When I have the brushes in my hand I can create everything what I want or what my client wants. It’s art for me. I can be creative and sometimes I can go all my own way. It gives me such peace of mind and at that moment I am in my own little World. Love it!

My partner in crime is really my husband. This man supports me, he loves me, he never makes fun of (sometimes) my ideas. When I can’t take care of the kids he does so I can work in peace. And a lot of time I can practice on him hihi…yes!! With make up and all the nailstuff hahaha. I am very blessed with him in my life. He just completes me and I wouldn’t change nothing.

Project in 2018? I really want to do the make up at the fashion week. Is something that I really want to do! Because there is where art truly is and you can’t punt anything in a box. I don’t fit in a box so I don’t want my work either to be like that. This would really be a dream come true to do the make up at this event!

People to meet? Guilherme Nogueira, Nikkie Tutorials, Donatella Versace, Bianca del Rio, RuPaul, Alissa Ashley, Nabela, Promise Tamang and my teachers from Nail Revolution. They are just the best. these are people who worked hard to get were they wanted to be. And with all the struggles that came on their path they have never givin up! Ofcourse it’s not easy and sometimes very difficult but just keep pushing and keep your eye on the price.

I will be working in Amsterdam at Mazinho’s Hair at Kerkstraat 137. This man has givin me the oppertunity to grow. And I love Amsterdam. This city is always alive! people who love to challenge themselve. He dares to be themselve and are not that afraid to take any risks so they can grow and be a better version of themselves.
But working on location is also something that I love to do! I am very flexible hahah. As long as I can do make up and nails….I am a happy woman!

Passion Never dies means to me that what I love to do (the make up and nails) this will never die. I love these things. I love to be creative, to create, to take the breath away from a person. To make people smile, cry and feel good about themselve. I love to empower and help people. So as long as I can do this work I will do it! And already passing on my skills to my daughters because they are very interessed in what I am doing when I am not at home. So truly my work will never die!

Who to invite? Tiziana Palazo. She has overcome a lot of sh*t in her life to. She is such a strong, passionate, kind woman. I love her energy, her character. She is really a strong rolemodel.


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