The Heroine’s Journey of Maria Teresa Giunta

The best thing I love about my work is painting. I love representing natural landscapes so for me it is like entering inside my own works. It is not even possible to describe… it is like being on a state of ecstasy.

Perfect happiness for me is what I felt the day my children were born, it’s an uncontainable joy, I felt almighty.

My greatest fear is to lose people dear to me.

I’m touchy but I do my best not to show it.

The living artist I admire most is David Hockney.

I don’t know if we can call it an extravagance but I usually sing when I’m driving alone on the highway.

I would lie to protect someone I love, a righteous lie can be accepted.

I hate washing my paintbrushes after I’m done painting.

The time I was the happiest is when my paintings were shown in an important gallery in Rome which also hosted many very important artists.

I wouldn’t change a thing about myself, I learnt to live with my defects.

A great achievement is when I manage to stir up emotions in people who look at my paintings.

I live in Sicily, an enchanting island, and I hope to stay here as long as I can.

My most treasured possessions are my memories about my father and every moment I lived with him.

I’m quite arrogant but I don’t always admit it.

My city stands by the sea and my favorite place is the lighthouse from where you can see the Aeolian Islands, it is a very charming place.

I love cooking and, above all, eating so the best place for me is my home.

The book that influenced me most is “A Man” by Oriana Fallaci: it deals with the life and death of the man sshe loved. He’s a tragic hero who died for his thirst of truth, justice and freedom. I really loved the concept of dying for

My favourite writers are Oriana Fallaci and Umberto Eco together with the writers of my adolescence: Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Elsa Morante,
Grazia Deledda, and Andrea Camilleri.

Last day?  I think I’d listen to Mozart’s Symphony No.40

My fictional hero is Wonder Woman.

For me everyone who strives for saving a human life is a hero, I’m talking about doctors, nurses, firefighters, and doctors without borders.

I would highly recommend “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” by Giuseppe Tornatore

Art is part of my everyday life.

My greatest fan is surely my husband.

A contemporary artist I’d love to work with is Athos Faccincani.

I would love to meet Ciro Palumbo.

I’m looking forward to work on an itinerant exhibition with paintings showing landscapes described in Andrea Camilleri’s works.

You can surely see me and my works in exhibitions dedicated to Andrea Camilleri’s landscapes!

According to my interpretation it means that passion is an unstoppable desire to achieve something, life without passion has no meaning.

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