The Heroine’s Journey of Emma Childs

WHAT IS THE BEST THING THAT I LOVE ABOUT MY WORK? Perhaps an ability to instinctively know what colours work well with others and to be able to tune into my different moods to produce one of my four distinct styles.
WHAT IS MY IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS? Being surrounded by talking parrots in a wonderful garden of flowers by the sea with harpists playing enchanting music being able to eat what you like when you like, this would be my dream of perfect happiness.
WHAT IS MY GREATEST FEAR? This has to be losing your loved ones, and a strong fear of change when everything is perfect in your life not wanting to lose what you cherish dearly.
WHAT IS THE TRAIT THAT I MOST DEPLORE IN MYSELF Perfectionism! It sends my OCD into overdrive, I could do with tuning down the suspicion button a bit too, and learning that patience with oneself and others is paramount.
WHICH LIVING PERSONS IN MY PROFESSION DO I MOST ADMIRE? John Myatt, Tom Adams, Ann Blockley, Hester Berry, Michael Moore and Richard Thorn
probably spending far too much on exotic holidays and my extensive range of kolinsky sable brushes along with my piano.
ON WHAT OCCASION WOULD I LIE? I would lie to save other people especially loved ones if the circumstances were unfair on them.
WHAT IS THE THING THAT I DISLIKE MOST IN MY WORK? I don’t think I’ll ever be truly satisfied with my work because there’s always room for improvement! The day you sit back and say ‘I think that’s brilliant, I can’t do anymore’ you may as well pack your brushes away.
WHEN AND WHERE WAS I THE HAPPIEST IN MY WORK? I am truly happy when I am allowed to paint what I like, as I feel, not following any rules or restrictions that apply where my commercial work and deadlines are concerned. To have true Artistic freedom and paint freely in my studio makes me a happy soul.
IF I COULD, WHAT WOULD I CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF? It would be lovely to be able to relax a bit more as I have a tendency to ‘overthink’ things. I would be less inconsistent and changeable by nature if I could but I was born this way and my brain never stops thinking!
WHAT IS MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN WORK? Being invited to exhibit in Monaco as part of Art Monaco was a great moment for my career on an international exhibition level. Also having my work chosen and winning the Gallery25n International art competition and exhibition called ‘Dreams’ where 20 Artists were chosen worldwide. I was the only Artist to be chosen from the UK. I won with my painting called ‘Wake Up’
WHERE WOULD I MOST LIKE TO LIVE? There’s something about California that keeps me wanting to return, the outgoing people, the vast incredible varied landscape and the climate. I feel a sense of going home and a peace that I don’t feel anywhere else.
WHAT IS MY MOST TREASURED POSSESSION? I have a few, The rare pieces of Art that my son created when he was younger, locks of his hair and teeth. My fathers paintings, my mothers diaries, and a couple of exquisite tail feathers from my first Amazon parrot who flew too soon along with fur and claws from my giant papillon rabbit. These are sentimental memories that I will always have with me.
WHAT IS MY MOST MARKED CHARACTERISTIC? Generosity of nature, I love to make people feel good about themselves, oh and I’m nearly always smiling.
WHAT IS MY MOST INSPIRATIONAL LOCATION, IN MY CITY? Deep in the heart of the forest near me lies Becky Falls where old coins have been imbedded deep into the trees. The place is full of nature spirits and peace.
WHAT IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT AND DRINK IN MY CITY? I’m a huge fan of Italian food, any pasta dish with cheese and fish has to be a firm favourite. I love Prezzo’s dishes and Quo Vadis.
WHAT BOOKS INFLUENCED MY LIFE AND HOW? Childhood influences come from my mother who would read to me each night. I remember a set of 3 Enid Blyton’s beautifully illustrated fairy story books. I loved the morals that accompanied her stories and the paintings bewitched me. There are elements of magic in my etherial paintings that were undoubtedly inspired by these books as a child. As an adult I’m a believer in conspiracy theories so most books by David Icke, his research is phenomenal. ‘The Biggest Secret’ was a sobering read!
WHO ARE MY FAVOURITE WRITERS? George Orwell was so ahead of his time and the frightening thing is most of what he wrote about is commonplace today. Agatha Christie had an amazing mind. David Attenborough for showing us an astounding world we live in but rarely get a chance to see.
YOU ONLY DIE ONCE, WHAT MUSIC WOULD I LISTEN TO ON MY LAST DAY? ‘Alice’ by the Cocteau Twins, Annie Lennox, Some uplifting modern jazz like LTJ Bukem., Erik Satie’s gnossiennes 1-3, ‘Sweetness and light’ by LUSH, Mike Oldfield’s ‘Incantations’ I quite like George Fentons music score for the company of wolves but it’s a bit creepy. I love the gypsy violin too.
WHO IS MY HERO OR HEROINE IN FICTION? Bram Stokers “Dracula’ .    Agatha Christie’s ‘Marple’.  HG Wells ’The Invisible Man’   Zemeckis & Gales ‘Dr Emmet Brown’ and maybe Lewis Carrolls ‘Alice’?
WHO ARE MY HEROES AND HEROINES IN REAL LIFE? David Attenborough has to be top of the list for me because he has done so very much to educate society about the world we live in, wonderful man! All of the animal rights activists that have done so much good including, Douglas Adams, Stephen R.L Clark, Paul McCartney, Moby and Roger Yates.
WHAT ROLE DOES ART PLAY IN MY LIFE AND WORK? Freedom of expression to be who I am without restrictions, allowing me to communicate on an unspoken level, to give messages, to make people happy. Art is all around us in so many different forms.
WHO IS MY GREATEST FAN, SPONSOR, PARTNER IN CRIME? That would be my partner and close family they are my positivity and my best critics!
WHOM WOULD I LIKE TO WORK WITH IN 2018? To exhibit with the society of women Artists maybe one day in the future. That would be amazing!
WHICH PEOPLE IN MY PROFESSION WOULD I LOVE TO MEET IN 2018? I love the photography of Ann Hardy, it’s so unusual, John Myatt who’s skills are quite extraordinary , Tom Adams, I love his mind!
WHAT PROJECT IN 2018, AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO WORKING ON? In my spare time I’m currently working on a new series of Art Deco abstract landscape paintings to form a new collection to exhibit when I open up my studio to the public in September.
WHERE CAN YOU SEE ME OR MY WORK IN 2018? Many local exhibitions in South Devon throughout 2018, Dodo by Dodo Gallery in Totnes, The Grand Hotel. The Parallax Art Fair in London’s Kensington. Solo exhibition for my open studios. Recently signed up with a reputable Art Agency in London called arTbridge who’s clients include The Gordon Ramsay group and Claridges, lots of online Galleries including Saatchi.
WHAT DO THE WORDS ‘PASSION NEVER RETIRES’ MEAN TO ME? The day I put down my brushes I won’t be waking up again. If you are born to paint, this isn’t something you can just turn off, it’s a fire that continually burns.
WHICH CREATIVE HEROINES SHOULD PETER INVITE TO TELL THEIR STORY? Close Artist friends of mine the highly talented, Susie Hall from Bedford and Zoe Adams from Torquay.
HOW CAN YOU CONTACT ME? You can contact me directly through my website at

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