The Heroine’s Journey of Lorena Pugh

What I love most about my work is the possibility of touching others in some universal way, the way a beautiful sunset effects everyone who sees it. I also love being the author of what I do each day.
My idea of perfect happiness is birth, weather it is the birth of my marriage, my babies or my paintings.  Though sometimes they can be painful, it is none the less amazing happiness.
My greatest fear is loosing someone I love deeply.
Sometimes I’m timid, either with people or paintings, I deplore that in myself.
I admire so many living artists I could fill pages with them. The first one who comes to mind is Rich Bowman for his color and design sense, especially with his cloud paintings, then Jacob Collins for his mastery of classical painting, TJ Cunningham might be my favorite landscape artist. He is amazing.
I’m not a very extravagant person. I guess painting large could be considered extravagant, particularly when there is no buyer for the art. I recently finished a twenty-four foot painting of a wave.
I believe that you are only as good as your word, but if I had to lie to protect someone I would.
My work is always evolving just like my paintings evolve until they are finished. There seems to be an awkward adolescent phase that I always find upsetting. It’s also very upsetting to find that I have over-worked a piece.
I’m very happy right now with the project I am working on, painting aspects of Narragansett Bay for a show on October 6th at Dryden Gallery in Providence. I have been working toward this show for two years and it’s been great. Another thing that makes me extremely happy is the studio where I work. It is a lovely large space built by my husband 9 years ago.
If I could make myself younger and still know all that I do, I would because I have so very many paintings still to be done!
My greatest achievement came last year when a piece won an international award from the extremely competitive Art Renewal Center Salon and was shown at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona.
I love water and wish I lived on it here in Rhode Island. As it is, the Bay is at the end of my street!
My most treasured possession is my Mini Cooper. We have been together for 10 years now.
It’s hard to know what my most marked characteristic is. Just as a fish does not know what water is. Perhaps my candid nature. I say things I think and often get in trouble for it.
Narragansett Bay runs right through Rhode Island. I walk on it’s beaches, and swim in it’s waters and paint it. It is my current inspiration.
My city is really a town, not too big, I guess my favorite place to eat at the moment is a restaurant called Sonoma. I have a limited diet and can usually find something good to eat there.
After I graduated from Pratt Institute I became depressed and ate too much. I became heavy and unhappy. I read a book called “Fat is a feminist issue.” That changed my life. In terms of my life regarding my art, I’m not sure any book influenced me much.
I enjoy a well told story and so authors like John Irving and Sara Gruen are on my bookshelf.
As for music, lately I’m loving Jim Croce. So I guess if I died today I would go out with Jim.
I’m not really big with entertainment so I don’t have fictional heros. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and my Mom are two real life heros. both for keeping on keeping on.
Art is the main thread in my life and work. It is my calling and so everything I do relates to how I see the world and what I will put down in paint about it.
My husband Bo is my biggest support. He allows me to spend my time painting and not be purely focused making money. He supports me when I’m down and encourages me when I’m up.
I would like to get a few more galleries in 2018, maybe in NYC and on Cape Cod.
Meeting more realist artists that I admire would be great. I meet them on Facebook but seldom get to see them or interact with them in real life.
I will be wrapping up a project I have really enjoyed soon, and am thinking about what is next for me. One area I would like to explore more is imagery of non-sexual sensuality.
You can see my work at Renjeau Gallery in the Boston area, in Coastal Contemporary Gallery in Newport RI and in October you can see my Narragansett Bay show at Dryden Gallery in Providence RI.
Passion Never Retires is pretty much my plan. If you are driven to produce art, you don’t stop unless you become physically incapable.
Some of my creative heroines are Kathleen Speranza and Shari Rubeck – also known on Facebook as Sumo Bunni
You can contact me though my website: or email and you can see my blog at

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