The Heroine’s Journey of Anke Huyben

What’s the best thing that I love about my work? The best thing is that I can make work that people can relate and respond too, by making it myself. The joy of making is the start of that best thing.
What is my idea of perfect happiness?I just started at my dream masters programm. Metalsmithing at Cranbrook academy of art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
The road ahead to this whas making me happy already, and now im already here. So the fact of being here but also knowing that (with help) anything can happen! Besides that the sun makes me happy, hanging out with friends and friendly people, especially when you dont know them.
What is my greatest fear? A couple of weeks before my graduation I broke my arm. I felt so lost in everyday life but also in my artistic life. The idea of having something like that permanent can freak me out sometimes. But I also know that, with time you adjust to new situations.
What is the trait that i most deplore in myself? When feeling overwhelmed by situations it takes some time before i can start again.
Which living person in my professional life do I most admireAdmiring is something strange. I try to keep in my mind that those persons are also just humans. The people i admire all have in common that they keep on doing and renewing themselves.
What is my greatest extravagance? Im not that much of an extravagance person.
On what occasion would i lie? Small lies are okay. The ones that keeps you out of gym if youre having cramps 😉
What is the thing I dislike most about my work? I just started grad school so it will be different now but before i could work an entire day in my studio. When i after would go for grocery shopping the people in the shop would be the first to talk to that day. It can be lonely, which can be a good focus for your work but it’s a bit depressing also.

When and where was I the most happiest in my work? I still love my graduation project. It has been such an amazing journey to go to the art academy in Maastricht, and then to have that outcome! I’ve also been on two amazing internships. I’m hoping to have more of such highlights, never want to stop!

Where would i most like to live? I’m from this tiny place in the Netherlands that nobody has ever heard off. So i grew up in a very green, safe and easygoing place. After that I lived in Rotterdam which is a big city (at least for the Netherlands). I love Rotterdam but im now studying in Detroit area for two years, who knows what will happen. I prefer a city to live in.
What is my most treasured possession? It’s going to sound cheesy but i’m a lucky girl to be surrounded with so many sweet amazing people that inspire and stimulate me.
What is my most marked characteristic? I stay honoust in my work.
What is my most inspirational location in my city? I’m living on campus now and it’s been a couple of years since i’ve been here. Hard to say. If I were still living in Rotterdam i think i would say that I love the erasmusbrug with an overvieuw (during early evening) at Noordereiland.
What is my most favourite place to eat and drink in my city? Answering for Rotterdam; I’ve never eaten out tat much but I went to stalles a lot. Easy, great beers and pizza.

What books influenced my life and how? When i was studying to become a traditional goldsmith i got a book about contemporary jewellery from my brother. At the front whas a ring of Karl Fritsch, a man who makes rings with precious gemstones in it but in a way that you might think that they’re worthless. That changed my world!
Not long after that i found out about the contemporary jewellery field im still in now. Love that!
What music would you listen to on your last day? I love the type of music where complaining man sing in. Is that a genre?
What role plays art in my life and work? It’s everywhere in my life. Goin to art school changed the way I look at things. I can wonder about things now that might seem pretty casual for others. Going to grad school now means even more dedication and a step further in the art scene i want to engage in.
Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? I can always rely on my family, luckily.
With whom would i like to work in 2018? That’s a hard one. I would love to work with people who are at the same stage as i am in my career. To see how they handle things and look at things.
Which people in my profession would i love to meet in 2018? That’s probably the same answer as in the question above. I would love to see how a collaboration with a photographer would go. But also with a shoe designer.
What project, in 2018, am I looking forward to work on? I just started working with weaving nude pictures of myself. By shredding them into equal small lines and then weave then, nothing stays from the body and the work gets reduced to colors. That’s something i like to do and i’m curious to see where it will head to. I have no idea about the direction and i’m just playing a lot right now.

Where can you see my work in 2018? I was part of a project called GrisGris. It was first seen in the CodaMuseum and will be shown later in Shanghai. I also have works at the Luform show in Aachen. But also on my website ofcourse.

What does the words “passion never retires” means to me? I’m pretty sure that’s the absolute truth for me. I don’t see myself stop making really soon, that is my passion.
Which creative heroines should Peter invite to tell their story?
Most definitly Svetlana Prigoditch! She’s working in an interesting grey area of design/jewellery and perfume! Go Svet!
How can you contact me?
Through various sorts of social media but best is email:


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