The Heroine’s Journey of Marisa Terron

What is the best thing that i love about my work?

I am a passionate artist , the best in my work is creation, and the power to transmit emotions through painting, to express in my paintings the soul of people, feelings… ,recreate the beaty and mystery of the life.

What is my idea of the perfect happiness?

The perfect happiness it would be a world without wars, without pollution, withouth hunger, a more just world more compassionate….unfortunatelyit is an impossible ,so with an expetation of less ambitius happiness, happiness is to work in my studio while listening music … Then the world around me disappears.

What is my greatest fear?

My biggest fear about my work is to get up one day and realize that i have lost my sight or some phisical faculty that prevents me from painting.

What is the trait that i most deplore in myself?

Maybe the fact that I’m too demanding with myself , both personally and prefessionally.

Which living person  in my profession do i most admire?

I a feel admiration for many exceptional painters, but i will mention some that excite me as David Kassan .

What is my greatest extravagance?

I need to get up on the ground with my rigth foot rather than left , it’s something I always do since i was little girl.

On what ocassion would lie?

I hate lying but i would do it without hesitation to save my family .

What is the thing that i dislike the most in my work?

I dislike the most  is to deal with trasportation companies and insurers when i have to send my paintings to exhibitions.

When and where was i the happiest in my work ?

I am very happy when i am in my studio and i finish a painting that has reached all my expectation .

If i could, what would i change about myself?

I think i would not change anything , because then i would lose my essence and i would not be myself.

What is my greatest achievement  in work?

The awards and recognitions are very rewarding, but the real achiviement to me is exite the people who contemplate my artworks.

Where would i most to live?

I am very happy in my city, but i would like to live in Aguadulce , a small town in Almeria in the south of Spain in front of its beautiful beach.

What is my most treasured possesion ?

My ability to create

What is my most marked charasteristic?

Positivity, tenacity, enthusiasm, passion, and never give up.

What is my most inspirational location in my city?

Every corner of my city is pure inspiration , Jerez de la Frontera is a beautiful and very old city. It is the birthplace of Jerez wine, Flamenco,and spanish thoroughbred horses .
This city is full of charming and art .

What is my favourite place to eat and drink in my city?

My favourite place is “La Condesa” restaurant .

Which books influenced my life and how?

There are a lot books that have influenced me, I am a reader , from the beginning that i read being little girl , wich was “the adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark twain , going through the clasics like”Papa Goriot” by Balzac , or “Beyond the good and the evil “by Nietzche , each of them have influenced and shaped my vision of life and showed me to understanding of the human soul.

Who are my favourite writers ?

My contemporary favourite writer is Isabel Allende .

You only die once.  What music would I listen to on my last day ?

The beautiful version de “Volare” by Barry White

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction ?

Claire Randall ,the heroine of the book “Viajera” by Diana Gabaldon.

Who are my heroes or heroines in real life ?

In real life is my grandmother and my mother,they were true heroines ,survivors of the devasting Spanish civil war.

Which movie would i recommended to see once in a lifetime?

“Life is beautiful” by Roberto Benigni. An example of love of positivity and overcoming.

What role plays art in my life and work?

Art is my life, my profession, my passion. Art is mi world . I can not conceive my life without my work.

Who is my greatest fan ,sponsor, partner crime?

My daughters and my husband are my biggest fans .

Whom would i like to work with in 2019 ?

I would love to work with “Gagosian”  gallery from New York.

Which people in my profession would i love to meet in 2019

I would love to meet a great patron of Art ,willing to give a boost to my career.

What project in 2019 am  I looking forward to work on?

I am working on my next solo exhibition ,it will be a great colletion of more than 45 works .

Where can you see me or my artworks?

In facebook        marisa.terron.56
Instagram           marisa terron

What do the words”passion never retires” mean to me?

For me passion means everything, for me both in life and at work if you do not live passionately, if you do not work with passion it is not worth it, if you do not love with passion it is not worth. Passion is the engine that moves the Art.

Which creative heroines should peter invite to tell their story?

Laura Lopez Zarraga you can find in facebook, she is a great artist, painter and poet.

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