The Heroine’s Journey of Susanne Guldager

What is the best thing that I love about my work?

When I have created something meaningful to other people.

What is my idea of perfect happiness?  

I absolutely love to be in a creative flow with no interruptions, when time disappears and I explore and create at the same time without any determined goal. That is pure happiness to me.

What is my greatest fear?  

Not being good enough! Sometimes I struggle with insecurity, which is really hard but at the same time a motivator for pushing myself forward to becoming better and wiser.

What is the trait that I most deplore in myself?  

When I ignore my intuition.

Which living persons in my profession do i most admire? 

Right now I really admire Kristine Harper and Marie Nørgaard Nielsen for being brave and following their dreams. That is so inspiring and life-affirming.

What is my greatest extravagance?  

I don’t really have any… maybe my New Years Resolution for 2019 is to find one, or maybe I should simply be proud of not having any!

On what occasion would I lie?  

I really don’t lie very often. First of all I’m a terrible liar – my whole body would tell you if I did. Secondly, I basically think, that conflicts are good. They are not comfortable to be in but often giving in some kind of way. If I would lie, it would be to protect the ones I love.

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work?  

When I don’t feel satisfied about my work and haven’t got enough time. I’m a born perfectionist.

When and where was I the happiest, in my work?  

When I started my fashion company in 2008 and the shops bought my first collection. I still remember how proud I were – I felt like I could fly…

If I could, what would I change about myself?  

That would definitely be to feel less guilty at times when there’s no valid reason.

What is my greatest achievement in work?  

My greatest achievement is not limited to one specific occasion. I fell deeply happy and satisfied when people fall in love with my products and buy them. That is to me an achievement every time it happens.

Where would I most like to live? 

I often dream about living close to Nature, near the forest and the sea. But right now I pretty much like living right here in my wonderful city Copenhagen.

What is my most treasured possession?

My three beautiful angels Ava, Embla and Uma

What is my most marked characteristic?

That must be to put great effort and quality into my work.

What is my most inspirational location, in my city?  

The Assistens Cemetery for clarity and The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) as idea-generator.

What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city?

Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, which is a big food market.

What books influenced my life and how?

That must be the still not published books by my partner in life.

Who are my favorite writers?

Karl Ove Knausgård and Haruki Murakami.

You Only Die Once. What music would I listen on my last day?

I would listen to Lacrimosa by Zbigniew Preisner.

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction? 

That must be Celine and Jesse from the trilogy ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Midnight’ for not letting go of love.

Who are my heroes and heroines in real life?

All of my friends, each in their own way.

Which movie would i recommend to see once in a lifetime? 

Antichrist by Lars Von Trier – but only once!

What role plays art in my life and work?

Art plays a major part in my life. To me art is a catalyst for creating and thinking new thoughts. When exploring art I often get such a strong feeling of fulfillment that I feel like I’m about to explode.

Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime?  

My love, my best friend and my partner in life, Henrik.

Whom would I like to work with in 2019?

Kristine Harper and Marie Nørgaard Nielsen

Which people in my profession would i love to meet in 2019?

I’ll go with the flow and see who’ll come by.

What project, in 2019, am I looking forward to work on?

I’m planning to design a new capsule collection. Also, I look forward to continue making illustrations and see where that might lead me. 

Where can you see me or my work?

Website //

Instagram // @susanneguldager

Facebook // @susanneguldagercompany

What do the words “Passion Never Retires” mean to me? 

“Passion Never Retires” makes so much sense. To me the words mean, that passion is a state that can’t be controlled nonetheless how much “noise” there might be, how tired you are or how little reason it makes whatever you’re doing. Passion is something that lies so deep in the soul and works as a natural force to continue creating.

Which creative heroines should Peter invite to tell their story?

Marie Nørgaard Nielsen, Mette Julie Bundgaard-Nielsen and Tilde Bay Kristoffersen

How can you contact me?

Mail //

Telephone // +45 22310425

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