The Heroine’s Journey of Vickie Keriel

What is the best thing that I love about my work? There is one thing i really love in my work is that there is no limit in creativity, no rules.It’s amazing when you see all the processes from a little sketch to the final drawings. There are no ugly drawings, creativity is personal and always has a story or an idea behind. My work opened my mind in so many ways.
What is my idea of perfect happiness? Well, for me it woul be to find a good balance with myself, i believe that when you are in sync with yourself you can think more clearly and avoid complicated processes of thought that sometimes kill our happiness. Needing people or other things to make you happy is different than needing to be at peace inside to really enjoy happiness.
What is my greatest fear? If it’s about my work it would be to loose my imagination, It’s a really big part of me without that i would loose a part of my identity.
What is the trait that I most deplore in myself? The trait that i most deplore is my introverted side, and people who meet me and know me now would tell you the same. I’m a discret person so i will never do the first step and at first glance i might seems cold. I just need time to adapt and when i feel more comfortable with people, i’m really crazy and funny. But i’m working on it to  😉
Which living persons in my profession do i most admire? I don’t have a person in particular, i  just admire anyone in my profession that keeps being motivate and passionate about their profession, always available to help you and share their knowledge without falling in the trap of competition, I really admire those people.
What is my greatest extravagance? My greatest extravageance is to quit my job where i was very comfortable for 6 years (but maybe too comfortable) to travel to Australia and change my life.
On what occasion would I lie? To be honest i’m a really bad liar i prefer to say nothing than lie, but if i lie it’s about my mood because i don’t want to upset people.
What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? Deadlines, because when your are focused on a project that you really enjoy to work on you wish the project would never end.
When and where was I the happiest, in my work? The happiest times were when i was working with my best friend in the same animation studio for 6 years. I met so many awesome people and had really great moments in this studio.
If I could, what would I change about myself? Maybe be more bold and less undecided, just make a choice and go ahead.
What is my greatest achievement in work? when i worked as character designer for secondary character on the feature “Luis and the Aliens”, I was really proud to reach a part of my dream.
Where would I most like to live? I already live in the Country i love so to be more precise, In a modest home a top of a hill with a big view of a rainforest.
What is my most treasured possession? My Family! they were always there when i was down or having doubts about my capacities, even if we’re all living our lives when needed the family is always here.
What is my most marked characteristic? My determination even if i might be full of doubts i always end saying “Let’s go, don’t give up!” .
What is my most inspirational location, in my city? Empty Cofee bar, sitting in a quiet corner where i can draw and drink my cofee or tea peacefully.
What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? Sushi train, easy and tasty or Mc donald’s when i want to eat junk food.
What books influenced my life and how? Ahah, I’m not a great book reader it’s mostly Artbooks  and the first one that gave me a good starting point in the art of character design, it was the Artbook of “SKY DOLL” by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa. The graphic style mangas/Disney and the colors are just amazing .
Who are my favorite writers? As i said before, i’m not a book reader but Amélie Nothomb is pretty good.
You Only Die Once. What music would I listen on my last day? It depend of my mood, i might listen to something full of energy like “Back in black” from ACDC , or something very calm and melancholic like “two sisters Epilogue from “A Tale of Two Sisters” from the composer Lee Byung Woo.
Who is my hero or heroine in fiction? Lara Croft, brave, strong, smart, independant and sexy
Who are my heroes and heroines in real life?  All the people who keep smiling and are full of kindness despite difficulties in their life, they don’t spend their time to complain about what they don’t have, they just kick their ass to reach their goal and never give up.
Which movie would i recommend to see once in a lifetime? Monster Inc University, i’ve watched it a thousand times.
What role plays art in my life and work? Art is my bubble, my own world, it gives life to all the vision, feelings i have and gives me further inspiration to explore different ways to express it.
Who is my greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? My Sister, when we are together we just do simple things that make us happy.
Whom would I like to work with in 2019? Anyone who i can have a beautiful exchange with and create new ideas and challenges.
Which people in my profession would i love to meet in 2019? Animation is vast and i’d like to meet many different artists from many different branches of art.
What project, in 2019, am I looking forward to work on? A project where i can enjoy myself while showcasing my art style in character design, where i can learn new skills and be more versatile and play a larger role .
Where can you see me or my work in 2019? You can see my work on my Instagram
What do the words “Passion Never Retires” mean to me? Having passion is a gift some people are still looking for. Passion can push you as far as you want if you know how to use it. It’s a very important part of me.
Which creative heroines should Peter invite to tell their story? Really anybody, because all creative women should share their experiences. Exchange is a very important part of art.
How can you contact me?

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