If you’re looking to take your life’s work to the next level and you’d like The Heroine’s Journey 
to be your travel companion, this is for you

Give me 12-months and your business will never be the same.

You don’t have to build your business alone. The Heroine’s Journey is actively looking for inspirational, creative, passionate heroines to join forces with, inspire the world, help others make money doing which they love, follow their hearts, and move into the next phase of their extraordinary life!


 The certification program is right for you if:
  • You’re ready to make a splash in your given niche!
  • You’re ready to make a living serving others from your highest self, but aren’t quire sure how to reach your Kismet Clients®
  • You’re interested in improving your business and making more money
  • You have been through painful life traumas that have shaped you for the better, but are unsure how to use them in your life’s work
  • You’re holistichealth-conscious, and open-hearted
  • You want to belong to a community who will promote your offerings
  • You love deep conversations and getting to the root of a problem, but are still struggling to get your business idea off the ground
  • You’re in a transition phase and are ready to live life on your terms- but you have reservations about labeling yourself a “coach”
  • You think Holistic Fashionista is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with women around the globe who want to start a business that matches their core talents, but they feel stuck.

Many of them were working traditional jobs making a comfortable living, but they wanted more. Their soul was craving more. They felt called to step into bigger shoes and make a difference. Is that you?

Perhaps one of the following sounds familiar to you, too:

You’ve ready lots of books, attended tons of seminars, and enrolled in coaching programs in the past. But you still don’t feel like you know what you’re really here to sell or how to create a collection of products that match your core passions.

You’re tired of working your “day” job. You have a core desire to be a leader and change lives, but are unsure what that really looks like or the steps to bring it to fruition. You know you have something to say, but wonder WHO is suppose to receive your message

You feel resistant to putting yourself out on social media or “promoting” yourself. You don’t want to feel slimy or want others to think you’re crazy. Marketing your new products and services seems daunting, time-consuming, and straight up scary. You’re not sure where to start!

I get it – I’ve been there myself!

I’ve worked with hundreds of these women all over the globe in discovering their Signature System® and I’ve developed a killer online marketing strategy that makes a splash in any given niche. I’m also the author of Funnel Foreplay, the little black playbook of sales strategies to help internet marketers build stronger relationships online without sounding like a slime ball.

Meet some of our amazing Holistic Fashionista Coaches who are changing the world with their Signature System®!

Meet some of our amazing Holistic Fashionista Coaches who are changing the world with their Signature System®!


But I wasn’t always where I am today.

Not so long ago I was a struggling fashion designer. And let me tell you something, I racked up some very serious debt. After struggling along for five years, I had to accept that it was time to do something else and dig myself out of the hole I was in.

Ironically, that decision resulted in my first experience with creating my Signature System®, as I became a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I specialized in skin disorders and had created a system to help other women who struggled with acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. My clients saw extraordinary results!

Once I discovered my Signature System® for helping these women heal their skin issues, my business took off and that’s when I realized I could probably create a system for anything— as long as it solved a problem, I was passionate about the topic, and it paid the bills. That’s when the big bright lightbulb went off.

Now I’m able to provide the highest level of education for change makers in discovering their Signature System® and using Holistic Fashionista as a platform to help other Holistic Fashionistas reach more of their ideal clients, make more money and change more lives.

Through a combination of mind mapping techniques and strategies I learned from my Holistic Health education and testing out my own processes, I created a step-by-step system that has worked for all of my clients, in every niche and for all products and services.

I’ve spent over thirty thousand dollars on business coaching and have read over 300 books on business. And you know what? All that coaching got me nowhere. The majority of it was fluff!

No one laid out for me the simple, step-by-step tactics that I want to share with you.



(VALUE: $7500)

For an entire year, you’ll mastermind with Angel and your team on an array of topics: trusting your intuition, holistic marketing, authentic sales techniques, and much more!

(VALUE: $3000)

Get your questions answered anytime you feel stuck or are in need or an extra boost of self-confidence with unlimited access via telephone app and email all year long!

(VALUE: $1500)

Enjoy 12-months of team-building and networking with other Holistic FashionistaCoach students, gain invaluable feedback, and feel 100% supported.


(VALUE: $5000)

Work at your own pace when you log-in to the students only area where you’ll have access to a plethora of lessons ranging from social media to authentic selling.

(VALUE: $3600)

The HF Agency is there to support you and your growth by managing our ads absolutely free! This includes your retargeting and lead generation strategies campaigns.

(VALUE: $2500)

The certification includes: your business profile in our “Find a Coach” directory on, a badge to show-off your credentials, and newsletter promotion within our network. We want nothing more than for you to help bring awareness to your gifts and bring you lots of new clients!

When I first started it was more of a passion project, but after meeting Angel and discovering my Signature System®, I have created systems and funnels to spread this message in a much more concise manner.

-Camille Ditele
Divorce Coach


The Holistic Fashionista Coach certification program is a 12-month course designed to help change makers join forces with the Holistic Fashionista brand. The course curriculum is based on proven and tested marketing principles paired with intuitive mind-mapping techniques that awaken your psychic abilities with its sole purpose of creating a Signature System® and working alongside me to bring awareness to your products and services!


Angel Quintana’s Signature System® brings out the most mysteriously fabulous pieces of your inner artistic business puzzle and fits them together in a way that makes you say, Wow! 

-Pamela Wills
Artist Profitability Coach



And I promise I won’t be leaving you to figure any of it out on your own! You’ll
have me and the other Holistic Fashionista Coaches® to make sure you don’t get lost.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn in the course:


Learn what a Signature System® is, why you need one, and how it helps you determine your
one-of-a-kind business.


How to clearly define who your Kismet Clients™ are and where to find them in large groups.


How to market your new products/services as a HolisticFashionista joint venture partner


Develop and create an irresistible product and service to offer to your Kismet Clients® while we help build a funnel for it!


Develop your own psychic abilities to create awakenings for your clients.


Join forces with a Holistic Fashionista and let’s change the world together. (Advertising and marketing included!)

Angel helped me hone in on my ideal client and how to speak in a way that relates to them. The foundation and structure she has given to me is something I can build my business on for years to come. 

-Kiki Federico
Women’s Leadership Coach


And because I think you’re amazing and want to do all I can to help you succeed,
I’m including two great bonuses!

BONUS #1 – MAGAZINE PROMOTION, value $1800. As a Holistic Fashionista Coach student, you’ll receive 6 issues of full-slide advertisements inside Holistic Fashionista’s interactive magazine to promote your latest offers and to help you build your list!

BONUS #2 – WEEKEND RETREAT, value $3000. As a Holistic Fashionista Coach student, you’re invited to a weekend retreat in Los Angeles with special guest experts where you’ll release money blocks, learn new social marketing techniques, and replenish your spirit to fully unleash and strengthen your life’s work.


See what other Holistic Fashionista Coaches® are saying
about their experience with discovering their Signature System®!


After working with Angel in discovering my Signature System®, I signed my first big high-end client; it felt great and it was all because of the work we did together in her program and it has been continuing ever since!      

-Marinna Rose,
Life Coach

Angel literally had me up and running a business in two months. Seriously. And her patience is astounding. Through this process of creating my Signature System®, there has been so much momentum in my life and things magnetically being drawn to me.

-Jennifer Nesbit Holt
Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Working with Angel Quintana blew my effing mind. After working with her in discovering my Signature System®, I made more money in the first quarter than I did my entire last year!

-Eyenie Schultz
Style Coach


The Holistic Fashionista Coach Certification Program includes:

•    A proven, step-by-step system to launching a niche product

•    Discovering your Kismet Client® and what keeps them up at night

•    Creation of a holistic products and services to sell to the HF tribe

•    Building a sales funnel to promote your product/services to the HF tribe

•    Find a Coach directory to market your brand and be referred new clients!

•    Access to an ongoing, yearly mastermind with me!