Archetypes: Our Inner Guides

  • We are aided on our journey by inner guides, or archetypes, each of which exemplifies a story of being in the journey.  We explore twelve such inner guides: The Dreamer, The Independent,  The Warrior, the Caregiver, The Explorer,  the Rule Breaker, the Lover, the Creator, the Master, the Alchemist, the Sage and the Player. Each has a lesson to teach us, and each presides over a stage of the journey..
  • The inner guides are archetypes that have been with us since we tell stories, the dawn of ties. We see them in art, literature, music, myth, religion and we know they are archetypal because they are found everywhere, in all times and places.           quote-the-hero-s-journey-is-simply-who-we-are-as-human-beings-elizabeth-gilbert-76-60-84
  • Because the guides are truly archetypal and hence reside as passions within all people everywhere, they exist both inside and outside individuals. They live in us, but even more importantly we live in them. We can therefore find them by going inward (to our own dreams, fantasies, and often actions as well) or going outward (to myth, legend, art, literature and religion). Thus, they provide images of the heroine within and beyond ourselves.
  • People who are interested in human creativity and storytelling may understand the archetypes as guides on our journeys. Each archetype brings with it a task, a lesson, and ultimately a creative gift. The archetypes together teach us how to create a live and work we love. And the best part about it is that all the archetypes reside in each of us. That means we all have this full human potential within ourselves.

The Guides and The Heroine’s Journey