Be a Heroine’s Journey guide

We love to work with business/life/personal coaches who want to be a Heroine’s Journey guide in great cities in the world coaching creative entrepreneurs and professionals using the inspiring stories of heroines who went before them in these cities.

The Heroine’s Journey guide starts with a three day introduction program in a world city (Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence and many more cities) with three goals:

  1.  Introduction in The Heroine’s Journey story, the filosophy, approach, collaboration with creative entrepreneurs. To learn the specific goals of the Heroine’s Journey guide with her own business. The story of the guide with picture appears on the website.
  2.  Create with Peter in a world city a The Heroine’s Journey travel program that is offered to clients on the website and to the clients of The Heroine’s Journey partners. You will learn how storytelling with stories of heroines in a world city can be used to discover and strengthen the story of your client travellers. You will co create with Peter de Kuster in the city of your choice with a set of storytelling tools an inspiring, amusing and enriching travel experience.
  3.  Together with Peter invite and meet creative entrepreneurs and professionals in your chosen city to tell their story about their passion for their work. Participating guides can approach and meet entrepreneurs in their city they find interesting in a fun and accessible manner. With the opportunity that a click in the conversation happens. The creative entrepreneurs gets their story published on the Heroine’s Journey website. For them it is free publicity. Peter will show you how to invite creative entrepreneurs and professionals yourself to tell their Heroine’s Journey.

The Heroine’s Journey guide introduction program is designed for life/personal/business coaches who want to work with creative entrepreneurs and professionals. You wil learn how you can discover the story of your clients. Together with a discovery in the storytelling you can use to inspire the storytelling process of your client. Storytelling which is targeted specific on the themes, needs and characteristics of creative people The stories, insights and creative process of the Heroine’s Journey are directly applicable in your work.

The Heroine’s Journey project will have a great momentum thanks to the continuous stream of stories of creative entrepreneurs and professionals on the website who share their story with friends, family and business relations. Together with the collaboration with partners and their customers.

Is being a “Heroine’s Journey” guide something for you?

You love to work as a coach, consultant, advisor for creative entrepreneurs and professionals. You are looking for fun, creative ways to work with your own authentic style. You want to know how you can maintain your independence and work together with Peter in the Heroine’s Journey project to strengthen and develop your reputation and relations in your market.


€2495,-  exclusive VAT and hotel and travel expenses


Three days in a world city of your choice or where you live and word in:  Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona and many more cities.