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The Heroine’s Journey Friends (1 Year Membership)

Become a Friend of The Heroine’s Journey

Looking to be a part of a growing The Heroine’s Journey project to inspire creative professionals worldwide to make money doing what they love.

Free Publicity

As a The Heroine’s Journey Friend, you can tell your own story about your passion for your work online and update your story 4 times a year. You can update your story send us new promotional materials (links to your new book, art exposition, movie, youtube film, your kickstarter crowdfunding project etcera) that we add to your story on our website and share it with the fans of The Heroine’s Journey project. You can upgrade your story online with professional pictures of you and your work made by your photographer(s). And you can answer new questions of Peter to enrich your story. This is great if you love to have us as partner to tell and sell your story about you and your work!

Build New Relations

Looking to build credibility in your city or profession? The Heroine’s Journey Friends® allows you to utilize The Heroine’s Journey brand to make connections. Be a representative of our brand by giving you an easy way to connect with creative heroines. You can invite up to 100 creative heroines to tell their story as free publicity. They can be people you want to meet, or clients, partners, employees you want to reward. You offer them free publicity and share their Heroine’s Journey story with your growing tribe. You can host an exclusive Friends event in your city together with Peter and using the Heroine’s Journey Brand, from Story Exchanging Cocktails to Creativity Breakfasts.

Be Part of a Worldwide Community 

By becoming a Friend of The Heroine’s Journey, you’ll support us in our mission to cultivate creative intelligence, helping ensure that our unique approach to learning to make money doing what you love continues to reach creative heroines in the world, in your city, in your company, in your profession, at your events. You’ll become part of a creative and passionate worldwide community.

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Make Money

For every heroine who you have invited to tell their story on The Heroine’s Journey and buys a The Heroine’s Journey travel experience or event you earn 30% commission. The same goes for people who you bring in as client on a The Heroine’s Journey travel experience.

Have Discount

You’ll save money on your journey through our rich, structured and enlightening The Heroine’s Journey travels, with one free class experience from the Heroine’s Journey’s Core Curriculum and discounts across our public travel programme.

The Programme Includes

  • You can update your heroine’s journey story online 4 times each year. Updating it with news about your expositions, your website, your books, your films, your appearances.
  • You can upgrade your heroine’s journey story to a complete personal page online at the Heroine’s Journey with ten pages of story. Extra questions of Peter and 10 professional pictures of your photographer.  Your page can be found on your name, your city and your profession.
  • You can invite 100 creative heroines in your city and/or profession to tell their story as free publicity on The Heroine’s Journey online. This can be your clients, prospects, professional partners, collaegues, employees.
  • You can host in your city an exclusive Friends Event together with Peter using the Heroine’s Journey brand
  • You can have free access to one of the special events with Peter de Kuster in one of ten world cities in 2017
  • 30% discount on all The Heroine’s  Journeys, Private Tours, and Special Events you participate in
  • 30% commisions on all The Heroine’s Journeys people buy who you have invited to tell their story on the Heroine’s Journey
  • You receive one of Peter’s The Heroine’s Journey books

The programme lasts for one year, after which you will be asked if you’d like to renew your subscription.

Buy Now for Euro 199 for 1 year  

After you have bought the Friends programme in buying the Heroine’s Journey book you will receive an email from me confirming you are Friend. A week later you will receive one The Heroine’s Journey book written by me and delivered by my printing partner This book is your token of Friendship with The Heroine’s Journey.

Buying as a gift?

You can buy membership for our Friends programme for someone else. Buy it here.