Commedia dell Arte

The Commedia dell Arte Tour aims to provoke a rethinking of some crucial assumptions about what a visit to the art gallery is for. Peter raises the question of what the purpose of art really is, and propose that art can be looked to and enjoyed for its powerfully way to discover your story about you, your life and your creative business.

The Commedia dell Arte Tour seek to help us develop a deeper understanding of the story we tell ourselves about ourselves through art. The tour is an intimate experience in which you will be guided through unique interpretations of selected pieces in Musee Rodin and asked to share your insights and responses to the selection in conversation with other participants.

The tour will provide fascinating insight for those who are familiar with art as well as those who are new to the subject.


Our range of heroine’s journeys take creative professionals on walking experiences in their city, in galleries and on the street. Explore and observe interesting stories of heroines and heroes in the past in real life and fiction in an experience developed to challenge you to think deeply about the stories you tell yourself that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts, ideas and insights with other curious, open-minded individuals.



Peter de Kuster is a story teller, writer and cinema lover who mashes the art of story with the science of passion and happiness. He believes that great tales are never just seen or heard, they are felt – and has devoted much of her life and career to understanding story, human passion and happiness- and how together they can change us.  His study into the power of storytelling sparked his interest in creating a new kind of travel ‘the heroine’s journey’.  Peter consults to a range of creative entrepreneurs; regarding what it is to thrive; what makes a great story; and how the two will play an increasing role in perhaps our most omnipresent form of storytelling today – creative entrepreneurship. Dream projects incorporate strategy, culture, ideas, and human happiness. .


10.30    Tour begins (meet at the Musee Rodin)
12.30    Tour concludes


General Admission: Euro 75.00