I have gathered thousands of stories of heroines and heroes in the world who followed their heart and made money doing what they love. What differentiates them is something inside them. The story they tell themselves. They crossed a line. They moved from a place where they were making rational arguments for not pursuing their dream to making an emotional choice to do so. And once that line was crossed, there was no turning back.


So what is it that gets us to that line? If you, too,  are wishing for your dream job but are immobilized with fear, how can you get to that line yourself? Let us take a moment to look at your nemesis, fear.

When it comes to fear, we are little better than rats. Brain research shows that we are wired to choose instant gratifications over long term gain. Much as we want our dream jobs, our brain’s circuitry pushes us to stay with the secure place we already have. In other words, now we want our steady paycheck and benefits; in the future we will risk pursuing the job of our dreams.

What causes us to favor the immediate rewards. In a sense our brains are wired against us. Our story we can tell ourselves can do stellar job acknowledging the long term bennies that come from working jobs we love, but our volatile, protect me now limbic systems start to hyperventilate at the idea of losing the secure jobs we have now. No wonder we have a hard time getting past our fear.