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How can innovative client relationships drive new sources of value for all stakeholders?

This year, the Heroine’s Journey at the London Filmfestival Programme addresses the vital question of Client Value. This offering from The Heroine’s Journey at the London Film Festival will bring together creative minds to take on some of the most important challenges facing the industry today, and to craft together new ways to drive revenue and growth.

Participants will examine proven leadership and strategic approaches to building more insightful and productive partnerships that, in turn, enable continuous innovation and transformation. Storytelling Tools and techniques for greater business agility, more effective decision making, fuller embrace of data and technologies, and customer-centric design thinking will enable formulation of and commitment to a new future. The outcome of the programme will be the development of new roadmaps and appropriate behaviours to liberate shared creativity, foster engagement, and design, deliver and capture value in the short and long term.



Creative Leadership Strategies to Liberate Value and Innovation Through Partnerships
LOCATION: London Film Festival

Throughout the opening four days, participants will examine a variety of provocative cross-collaborative client/supplier contexts, current challenges, and potential best-case scenarios for enhanced value-based relationships. Some sessions will be organized to focus on existing clients, and some on new business – all will draw on the insights and perceptions of both ‘sides’ to probe our assumptions and legacy behaviours, and provoke new ways of thinking and working. Special emphasis will be given to precedents and proven practices for successfully advancing and implementing innovative strategic design thinking and action. The class sessions and team exercises during first four days will provide an essential foundation for capitalizing on the industry-driven resources of the London Film Festival during the second part, as well as Part-Two presentations, which will articulate individual strategic roadmaps for creative excellence.


London Film Festival as Global Classroom for Creative Leadership
LOCATION: Cannes Film Festival

The comprehensive access to festival seminars, workshops, master-classes, and related industry sessions deepens the programme’s classroom learning. Special guest speakers, including some of the biggest names in the film industry, will share insights and expertise in exclusive sessions. We will announce this year’s special industry speakers as they are confirmed. With the help of individualized advice throughout, participants will develop and refine plans for leading their respective companies, and partnerships to greater, more sustainable creative excellence. The course concludes with individual roadmap presentations and a group assessment of the best strategies for generating impact and designing sustainable creative and innovative business relationships.

NOTE: From 10:00 – 17:00, participants engage in daily festival fieldwork, seminars, and individual/partnership advisement activities. Festival fieldwork includes general London Film Festival programming as well as exclusive meetings with some of the biggest names in the film industry.


Programme Cost: 7,850 EUR

Programme package includes: Three days of intensive instruction during the Cannes Film Festival, full-week delegate pass to the London Film Festival, , exclusive closed-door sessions with top industry leaders during the London Film Festival, VIP access to London Film Festival events, complimentary London Film Festival lunch and a graduation certificate.

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