The Heroine’s Journey Friends – 1 Year Membership for Euro 50

Become a Friend of The Heroine’s Journey 

We’re sometimes not too sure how we get into good friendships. It seems to happen rather mysteriously: we talk of somewhat randomly ‘clicking’ with people. Trying to plan for it sounds like cheating. But in a busy world, the desire to socialise authentically, with interesting, like-minded people, deserves to be addressed directly.

That’s why we created The Heroine’s Journey Friends scheme. Membership gives you access to a year-long series of regular 1 on 1 conversations with creative professionals in your own city or somewhere in the world.  Each meeting anchored around the big idea that when we our quest let’s us travel from a person who interests us to another person who interest them and exchange stories we learn more about ourselves, meet people who can make a difference for you and have more impact in the world with telling our story.  Every month, in your own city or somewhere in the world you can invite one creative professional you like to meet to tell their story for the Heroine’s Journey website.

eatpraylove1In each meeting you use the Heroine’s Journey Questionnaire as a conversation menu and systematically (and entertainingly) introducing yourself to each other.  If you have passion for your work, you will find kindred spirits in this way of travelling.  The meetings you have with creative professionals are guaranteed to be stimulating and reassuring – as well as prompts to genuine connection and insight. Every creative professional you meet in your city will have their questionnaire free published on The Heroine’s Journey online, you will be offering a great experience to everyone you meet.

The Programme Includes

  • The right to offer two creative professionals each month to tell their story with The Heroine’s Journey questionnaire as free publicity when they meet you to exchange stories.  The stories are published on the Heroine’s Journey online.
  • The right to update your own story – questionnaire and picture – four times each year to keep up with your new events, shows, books, performances, videos.
  • The right to tell your story in more detail with the Heroine’s Journey questionnaire up to six pages online and add up to ten professional pictures of yourself and your work.
  • 10% discount on all The Heroine’s Journey seminars world wide
  • 30% discount on the special The Heroine’s Journey in One Day for friends in Paris 2018 which will be held each quarter.
  • Your name is mentioned on The Heroine’s Journey online on the Heroine’s Journey Friends list with your Heroine’s Journey personal page linked to it.

The programme lasts for one year, after which you will be asked if you’d like to renew your subscription.

You want to become a Heroine’s Journey Friend?  Mail Peter at to receive info how to make that happen.