I Create, Therefore I Am

It is called self promotion for a reason. If you don’t do it yourself, it usually doesn’t get done! It is definitely a do it yourself proposition. It is an overwhelming proposition to make it big in a creative business. And impossible to do if you don’t take a proactive role in your promotion. This Heroine’s Journey travel seminar will take the mystery out of marketing. It can’t force you to embrace the concept, but it will teach you how to do it. It is the willingness (and ability) to market yourself and your art that increases your odds of making it. A lot of creative people have talent, but few have the know how or desire to promote themselves. This is not anything new. Throughout the years, creative people have grappled with the conflict of creating great work and then being expected and forced, to sell it.

I am not saying you have to like it, you just have to do it (it is easier when you can find methods of promotion that you can at least tolerate).  For better and worse, we live in the age of media. Promotion (self promotion, or having others help) is a necessary evil for the creative person who just wants to gain a little exposure for their art, let alone achieve fame and fortune. Simply put, if nobody knows you exist, it doesn’t matter how good your work is.

You cannot ignore self promotion. You need to make money, and you should be getting paid for what you do. I don’t know what your dream is but for most of us it is to be able to earn a comfortable living while working on projects that we enjoy or are passionate about. Is that too much to ask or? I don’t think so. Both of those goals (to make money and work on art that motivates us) are the direct result of a successful self promotion campaign. So suck it up, ge over your squeamishness and do it, because the reward is worth it.

It is not just in the beginning either. It is like that all the time. It is a business and you are the product. That means you have to sell the product, constantly. So you have two jobs, innovation and marketing. The more you accept that and learn how to do it, the easier it becomes. As you will learn from this Heroine’s Journey travel seminar, it doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot of time or money to do it well.

I have also found that when you are the creator it is hard to step back and come up with ways to market your creations. For some reason all that wonderful creativity dries up and you end up blocked and frustrated when it comes time to create your own marketing materials. Another phenomenon I have encountered is that after working on creating something for months, the last thing you want to do is promote it. You are ready to move on to the next great idea. Fight the urge to abandon your baby. Your creations need you to raise them until they are self sufficient.

One thing I am sure of is that you can’t wait to be discovered, or for that time when others promote you. Creating something is less than half of the battle, the real work has just begun. I know, you are an “artist” but you must also become a salesperson, booking agent, performer, publicist, pitchster, promoter, publisher, presenter, in other words you will wear many heats. This takes an incredible amount of your energy and enthusiasm away from your real work. You can get help with the promotional side of your business, but in my opinon nobody can promote you as well as you can promote yourself. This Heroine’s Journey travel seminar is designed to help you do it yourself.  You can do it. You know you should do it. Let us agree, you will do it.

You need visibility and credibility. You can accomplish both by writing articles, speaking in public, putting up a first rate website, writing a book, or associating with a well know person in your field. Do good work and it is a little easier, but they won’t always finds you. You have to market yourself. Every successful creative person does it, even the super successful still promote themselves. This Heroine’s Journey travel seminar is loeaded with helpful ideas to make it easy for customers to find you, talk you up and get you to the next level (wherever you are, beginner or bestseller).

We will cover all kinds of inexpensive, innovatie and effective ways to get the word out about who you are and what you do; how to reach a large audience and build a loyal fan base as well as getting the media to recognize you for your efforts. It is about getting influential people to say yes to you more often, whether you are an actor, artist, carpenter, cartoonist, comic, dancer, designer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, landscape architec, musician, or involved in any other type of creative endeavor. You will learn how to compete (and win) against bigger competitors by tapping niches and doing the creative things the large players can’t do. We will discuss how to improve your stoy, create an effective promotional plan, take action and have fun along the way. This is not brain surgery and it does not have to be boring, either.