Corporate Heroine’s Journey

Peter offers episodic guidance on an as-needed basis for corporate teams who want to use The Heroine’s Journey approach for their clients, partners or employees. Aimed at providing maximum effectiveness via a limited number of interactions, workdays are only employed at meaningful moments, augmenting efforts by internal teams and/or external consultants.

Peter is often asked to interject needed storytelling provocations, facilitate storytelling sessions, attend meetings to review work output, instruct and apply specific storytelling tools, or perform one-on-one coaching with creative entrepreneurs or creative teams.

By interjecting provocations and facilitating reviews only at milestone points along the project timeline, creative business teams and external consultants are encouraged to incorporate fresh storytelling thinking into project initiatives while remaining unencumbered to pursue a variety of solutions that best meet the project’s goals. We have found it ensures an end result that is creative, fascinating, effective, and worthy of investment.

The Corporate Heroine’s Journey  services are proposed on a per-client basis. Contact Peter at