Creative people want some sense of financial security and total creative freedom. We want to be able to concentrate on our creative business (and lives) without constantly having to worry about money. We want to make money without having to compromise our integrity or take on projects and jobs we loathe. We want to be able to do what we want, when we want, and how we want. In short, we want freedom. The freedom to do something meaningful or to try new things. The freedom to take risks with our creative business and to be able to concentrate on our artistic endeavors full time and work for ourselves if we want to.  In our personal lives we would like the financial freedom to travel or take time off. We would also like freedom from our debt and other financial burdens. Want to know something? It is all possible.

There are plenty of creative people who have achieved this kind of financial freedom, so we know it can be done. This guide will show you how to do it. Everything you need to know about how to survive and thrive as a creative heroine is here before you.  You are about to get an education about how money works so that you can gain power over it, get a handle on it, and make it work for you. You will learn how to earn more money so you can attain financial and creative freedom and how to handle it once you get it.

This guide contains real world, streetwise financial advice from creative heroines who have made it, lost it, and made it back again. It is a hands on, how to guide. Reading, travelling by it and applying what you learn will produce lasting change in you and how you manage your money no matter how desperate your situation or how delinquent you have been in dealing with your finances. There is no need to punish yourself for your previous problems with money. We will be working on your financial future, and this guide will serve as a travel guide. So relax and enjoy the journey as we transform your finances from chaos and crisis to control and calm. We will get rid of your debt and despair and replace them with your dreams and desires. Really!

To achieve this we’ll take an appropriately unconventional approach to all aspects of money management. No matter how many left brained (conventional and booring) books or seminars you may have tried about finance, this guide is different. We will take a fresh look at a subject that many creative heroines (of all kinds) struggle with. That is why we take existing financial advice and mold it to fit the unorthodox lifestyle and challenges of creative people. We will delve into the basics of financial management, but then quickly veer off into new territory that is unique to creative people and their special circumstances and challenges. Instead of trying to cram a square peg into a round hole, we will take a decidedly different approach that matches up with, and makes use of your strengths. In fact, we will work with rather than against your right brain tendencies. This guide shows you how to put your financial life in order in a way that you can both understand and embrace. It solves the mystery of making (and keeping) money with a very creative approach that feels natural and comfortable.