Some women, we say, have ‘passion’. They have loved, they have suffered, they have a deep sense of a creative life’s meaning. Perhaps most important, they know who they are.

Other women seem to have lost their passions. They may have material possessions – the right house, the right car, the right job, the right clothes; they even may have a stable family life. But inside themselves they feel empty. Even when they go through the right motions, it is movement without meaning.

Still other women love and suffer and feel their creative life intensely; but they never really get their lives together. They cannot seem to create work or personal relationships that truly satisfy them, and so they feel constantly constrained. Although they may be connected to their passions, they feel cut off from the world.

Saddest of all are women who never learn how to make their way in the world or how to be true to their own creative passions. Their lives are empty and unrewarding – yet unnecessarily so; virtually all of us are capable of finding meaning and purpose in our lives, making money doing what you love.

We find a model for living how to live in stories about  heroism. The Heroine’s Journey is about saying yes to ourself and, in so doing, becoming more fully alive and more effective in the world. For the heroine’s journey is first about taking a journey to find the treasure of your true self, and then about returning home to give your gift to help transform you world and in the process, your own life. The Heroine’s Journey itself is replete with dangers and pitfalls, but it offers great rewards; the capacity to be successful in the world, knowledge of the mysteries of the stories you tell yourself about yourself and the opportunity to find and express your unique gifts in the world and to live in loving community with other people.

The Heroine’s Journey in Rome is for women at all stages of the creative life’s journey: it is a call to the quest for those just considering or beginning the journey; it provides reinforcement for longtime journeyers; and it is a tool for people already far along their journeys who are looking for ways to share and pass on what they have learned. Each journey is unique and each traveller charts a new path. But it is infinetely easier to do so having at least some knowledge about the experiences of those who have gone before. When we learn about the many different heroic paths available to us, we understand that there is room for all of us to be heroice in our own unique ways.

Stories of Heroines