What if I told you that you never have to work another day in your life? Would you be interested? When you fight the right fit in a career, it no longer feels as work. You wake up every day excited about how you earn your living. This perfect harmonizing of your talents, skills, personality and work style creates a passion and a desire as well as a feeling of contentment that is worth more than gold.

It can all be yours if you make this journey in Paris in the footsteps of Coco Chanel and many other creative professionals of past and present who make their money doing what they love.

The challenge is that the creative business is very different from other fields. To get ahead you have to make a hero’s journey. Let me show you with the stories of heroes of past and present how to do this to make the most of the opportunities out their.

Finding contentment in your career is a lot like looking for treasure. Using a map, you embark on a journey, and adventure in search of yourself.  The thing is, there is not a pot of gold waiting for you when you get to the spot marked “X” on the map. The buried treasure is within you. The pursuit of the gold (or the goal) is the reward. Because, when it comes to a career, there is no ‘there’ there. It is all a hero’s journey. Enjoying the Hero’s journey is what success is all about.

The age of opportunity for heroes

Innovation and ideas are gold. Ridicule and red tape are being replaced with respect and rewards for the clever and creative person. The work environment and  job market are changing, and they are changing for the better – for you. Are you ready for these exciting times ahead? This guide will put you in a position to prosper. What parents, teachers, and bosses might see as problem (sloppiness, habitual tardiness, short attention span, nonconformism) can actually be hidden assets in the search for work in a rewarding and interesting creative career. Intuition, emotion, divergent thinking, daydreaming, thriving on chaos, big picture thinking, cleverness, open-mindedness and an ability to play and have fun are virtues in the right setting.

Even so, it is not exactly easy to build a career in the creative business. You have to be able to deal with heaping helpings of rejection. It is a part of everyday life for the creative heroine. There is also that funny feeling that you don’t quite fit in – and you do not.  Thank God. An unconventional person with unconventional ideas, you are often seen as immature, temperamental, moody, difficult, distracted, irresponsible and irrational.

The truth is, you can be your wonderful self and still get ahead in the corporate world, or work for yourself, as many creative people do. Whichever you choose, this guide will help you manage your career using a storytelling approach that takes advantage of the way you are, without forgetting how the world works.