It will Work if You Work It

This journey will change your life. I know that is quite a claim, but I assure you that is not false claim. This is the real deal. Most stories about money you have heard you said ‘that is right’ and went back to your own ways. I promise this Heroine’s Journey will be different. No matter where you are, swimming in money or drowning in debt, you will learn a lot about what it takes to achieve financial and creative freedom.

Many creative people have ignored this importan area of our lives for far too long and have picked up some bad stories they tell themselves that have hindered our ability to get a handle on our finances. Savings?  ‘ I could die tomorrow, let’s party’.  ‘Investing? that is for those pencil neck, tie weraring, regular fols. Not me. No way”.

Let me ask you something: Where has this story gotten us? By ignoring this important part of our lives it has atrophied. It is okay, it can be rehabilitated with some financial therapy, and we can gain that (financial) flexibility again. Call it freedom of movement. If you can stretch your story about money, you will have the ability to do what you want, when you want, how you want. Like all therapy (mental and otherwise) it takes time, and there may be some physical pain as well as some emotional baggage to work through, but in the end we are soooo much beter off for having gone through it.

Maybe we don’t have the same skills that left brainers do that makes managing money seem like second nature to them. Our makeup is certainly different and better, and we may never come to like bookkeeping, billing, and budgeting, but like any business (and we are creative heroines are in business, like it or not), leetting these things go leads to chaos. When it comes to managing money, chaos is bad. So we can work with our strengths, overcome our weaknesses, and become better money managers. It is not only possible, it is gonna happen. If you continue this journey.

It is hard to watch others make millions, buy new homes, take