Join The Heroine’s Journey Club

Behavioral economists who look at how people make choices, are well aware of the fact that we tend to choose the thing that feels most desirable in the present and postpone a harder or riskier choice until the future.

Fortunately they have also noted ways that people can work around that. One solution is to precommit, that is, to take an action that requires you to make that more difficult choice now.

We ask people to tell  their story on our The Heroine’s Journey website which is pre committing yourself to something that can feel scary; publicizing your story. That way, when the time comes, your brain’s limbic system urges you to put off the journey, you will no longer have the option.

Throughout the dream business journey there are many ways you can precommit to circumvent your fear: schedule a ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ three months in the future because that far away it will not seem to scary.

Don’t commit if on every level you question the decision, but do commit if in your heart you know your course is right and it is only fear that is making you waffle.