Looking for Love

You don’t want to be running around in circles without a clue who your target is. Knowing who needs what is a key to success. A niche is a specific area that you specialize in. One woman creates golf related art and sells it through pro shops, country clubs and ads in golf magazines and newsletters. This niche is good for him because she loves golf and she found that golfers have the discretionary income to afford her art and it gives her an edge.

I think it is also important to define who you are and what you do before you can promote yourself to others. It is called ‘positioning’. How can we explain to others (promotion) what we do if we aren’t clear about it ourselves? Having a focus makes it much easier for others to spread the word about you. I know we hate labeling things, it pigeonholes us. But in other people’s eyes it helps to define what we do. Besides it is better to pick a label than let someone else hang one on you. A combination of two of your passions? What else do you do well? Any opportunities out there? Concentrate on your strengths and market those. Clients get to know you for a specialty, and this is the age of the specialist. Just remember, self promotion starts with the customer, not you. A clear understanding of your audience is inevitable. It influences everything that you do, from presentation to publicity. The more you know about your audience, the more you can create things they would love to have and will gladly pay for.

Aside from all this talk about a niche and a market, we want to remember these are pepole with emotions and desires. We also want to find ways to make your goals, and the goals of those you want to reach overlap. It is not about trying to trick people. It is giving them what they want. It is about trying to help them. Consider these points as you ponder that.

Its lonely at the top.

There are very few BIG acts. There is a lot more room in the middle and bottom. Yes try to hit it big, but also take advantage of small markets and a loyal following. Start small and build your following one fan at a time. Start by getting your feet wet and enter at the bottom, then build and expand. Where would be a easy entry place for you to begin your marketing? Is there potential to grow and expand?

You can choose a niche, or they will choose you.  Look at your existing clients. Do you see any patterns of the type of people who appreciate what you do? Can you build on that?