Money Myths and the Creative Heroine

Myth:  Once I hit it big, I am set for life.  Reality:  The creative life is a series of ups and downs. It pays to save for the down times.

Myth: Financial management is boring. Reality: True enough. But when we are talking about your money, doesn’t it suddenly become more titillating? Thought so. Plus, dealing with the business side of your creative business gives you a productive break from creating.

Myth: If I had money, I could do what I want.  Reality: You can do what you want now. It is about your choices. You could choose to cut back on your overhead and spend more time on your creative business right now.

Myth: When it comes to money, better safe than sorry. Reality: You shouldn’t risk it all, but you must take a risk, on yourself. That is the best investment of all.

Myth: Everything in life will be better when I have money. Reality: Having some money is better than no money at all, but as the saying goes, “Wherever you go, there are you.” If you are not happy now, you won’t be because you have more money.

Myth: My goal should be to do whatever I have to so I’ll have enough money to retire later. Reality: If you love what you do, why retire? Your goal should be to find a better way to earn your money, something you enjoy doing so much you won’t ever want to quit.

Myth: You have to be famous to make a fortune. Reality: Fame doesn’t pay the bills, and it is fleeting. There are many more enjoyable, creative and respectable jobs behind the scenes than there are glamorous jobs. Doing good work (that you enjoy) is more important.

Myth: If I make money at my creative business, I will lose my creative edge. Reality: Not having enough money to live on makes you desperate, angry, and can get in the way of your creativity.

Myth: Highly educated people get rich. Reality: Ha! It takes common sense, street smarts as well as educated smarts to make and manage money. Anyone can learn how.

Myth: If I made more money, I would save more. Reality: The more you make, the more you spend. You can save on any income.

Myth: I don’t have a plan for my future. I plan to die young. Reality: The average life span is increasing every decade. It really is better to plan a little now and avoid suffering later.

Myth: There is not enough money to support all the creative businesses. Reality: You only have to worry about money for your creative business.

Myth: Creative people have to work as waiters or cabbies just to get by. Reality: You may have to take a ‘day job’, but it does not have to be drudgery. The best day job in the field you are trying to break into. That way you gain experience, make contacts, and take on something you enjoy.

Myth: The only real artists are starving artists  Reality: Some creative businesses simply do not pay well, no matter how many dues you pay. But making money at your creative business does not mean you are a sellout. It means you are smart enough to find a market for what you love to do.

Myth: Because I work for someone else, I am an employee.  Reality: We are all freelancers. When you work for someone else, he is your client. He may be your only client, but you still are a freelancer. Besides, the most likely way to get great wealth is from working for yourself.

Myth: Show me the money.  Reality: Give me the money. You must demand to be paid and feel as if you deserve it.

Myth: I am an artist, so conventional financial management does not apply to me. Reality: There are some sound (and simple) things that you can do to get ahead.

Myth: Do what you love, and the money will follow. Reality: You must market yourself and your creations, and there needs to be a market to market to.

Myth:  I am in such a bad financial shape. I’ll never get out of it. Reality: You are resourceful and resilient. You can bounce back.

Myth: Those people pitching get rich quick schemes sound sincere. Reality: Uh, no. They usually are not money experts. They are scam artists.

Myth: I need to hit home runs with every project and score big. Reality: Little things add up.

Myth: Money comes from a salary. I have to work for it. Reality: Welcome to the ‘royalty’ family. Royalties rule!

Myth: Hot stock tips are how people pick stocks. Reality: Bad idea. Do your due diligence. Then spread the wealth and the risk among several stocks of great companies.

Myth: I don’t have to worry about the future, because something or someone will come along and save me or bail me out. Reality: What if they don’t? You should be self sufficient and solvent on your own.