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Our Heroine’s Journey guides are all great storytellers. The world of the stories you tell yourself first and then to others.  They are themselves creative heroines & heroes:  writer, artist, designer, food lovers, fashionista, innovator, photographer, etcera and they have explored stories of creative heroines and heroes for years. Now, our heroine’s journey guides bring you to the world’s most intriguing places to share the stories of creative heroines who live and lived their and their insights. To enrich your story as creative heroine who wants to make money doing what you love.

Our Heroine’s Journey guides are passionate about contributing with their stories to you finding your own fascinating story, and they enrich the expedition experience through fascinating storytelling, meetings with creative heroines living and working in the city and informal discussions. Meet our featured heroine’s journey guides below.

Elvira Semmoh’s journey as a storyteller has taken her to more than 20 countries.She is a lover of everything which has The Taste of Happiness.  12976109_233918260305182_1639757959_aShe has worked for more than 10 years now with Peter de Kuster. For most of her career, Elvira has covered topics related to creativity, food, style, design nature and the stories of the people behind it. Elvira is currently working on a book about The Taste of Happiness. She will accompany the expedition ‘Testdrive your Dreamjob’ in Paris